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To give my thinning eyebrows a kick up the bottom I’ve been using RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum since April – review here. It’s still on offer (1/7/21) for £25.00 instead of the usual £37.00 at CurrentBody *

But, while I’m happy with the growth of my eyebrows – I have to dig the nail scissors out to trim unruly hairs from time to time – the front of my brows are still looking sparse compared to the lush, dense middle bits.

I used Benefit’s Gimme Brow many years ago which is very similar to Boy Brow, right down to the size and shape of the brush, but I didn’t like the shade then – Gimme Brow now comes in 10 shades. I also thought too much product came out of the tube which made it hard to control.

Glossier was having a 20% off sale so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try this cult product (and also their famed Stretch Concealer).


 An eyebrow shaper that thickens, and shapes brow hairs with a flexible pomade formula that is never dry or flaky.

  • Inspired by traditional hair pomade, it gives brows soft, flexible hold in one easy swipe, and doesn’t stiffen or flake
  • Contains Oleic Acid, Lecithin, and Soluble Collagen to condition and moisturize brows
  • Four subtly tinted shades: Blond, Brown, Black, and Auburn and Clear


The recent trend for fluffy brows – eyebrows that are brushed upwards, was thankfully short-lived. I thought very few people could pull that look off and to my eyes, it always looked a bit odd and unnatural.

However, only brushing the front part of the eyebrow up is much more flattering. Eyebrows tend to grow straight up here anyway, so you can fill in any sparseness and the rest of the eyebrow can be brushed sideways as normal.

I use my old favourite CHANEL CRAYON SOURCILS Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil (down to £20.70 from £23.00 at Boots *) to lightly draw on a few light pencil strokes. My shade is Blonde Clair which is more blonde than taupe. I used to prefer taupe, but as I’ve aged I find my brows have lightened even more because of rogue white hairs and I need a darker shade to make them stand out. 

This powdery/waxy pencil is heavily pigmented. It’s not soft, but I still like to sharpen it to a needlepoint to draw in those very fine lines.

CHANEL CRAYON SOURCILS Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil

Over these little lines, I brush on a few upward strokes of Boy Brow in shade Blond – which is really a dark blond/light brown, something to aware of if you’re looking for a light shade. I’m OK with this now as I need that stronger colour.

The tiny spoolie is a perfect size and is easy to control. The brush doesn’t become overloaded with product either.

But what I particularly like is that the creamy formula seems to not only build up the brow but separates individual hairs too. You can see where the brush has been when it combs through which means it looks very natural plus it holds all day too.

Because it’s only available in four shades, I was going to say bad luck if you’re hair is grey, but then again if Clear bulks hairs up as well as the other shades then it might be perfect for grey brows.

I like Boy Brow very much. It’s a lovely little product that lives up to the hype.

GLOSSIER BOY BROW 3.12g £14.00 Glossier *

*Affiliate link

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