REVIEW: Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout Kit


Have you noticed the rise of ‘at home, do it yourself’ hair, (and face and body), treatments that used to only be available in salons? Thanks to technology, we’re able to take a crack at these expensive treatments for ourselves at a reduced cost. Not great for salons, great for your pocket though – as long as they perform.

Free From Frizz 6 Week Blow Out is a new brand offering a hair softening keratin treatment you can do at home. As the name suggests, it promises 6 weeks of frizz free hair. It also prides itself on being a gentler hair taming system, formulated without the need for harsh chemicals. Read more on exactly how it works here. It is also suitable for naturally curly hair and that’s because it’s not a hair straightener as such, but more of a deep conditioning treatment.

The Free From Frizz kit I trialled was the mango scented one for thick / coarse hair. My hair’s fine but can also be a tad coarse and unruly as it’s currently going through a difficult patch. There is also a treatment for fine / normal hair, with a watermelon fragrance. One thing, there is no chemical smell at all from any of these products, they’re really pleasant to use.

6 Week Blow Out contains two active combinations to boost the health of your scalp and your hair. One is a Floraceutical blend and the second is a unique patented and modified keratin.

The unique technology gently softens (rather than breaks) the bonds locking in anti-frizz active ingredients.

The treatment kit includes:

  • Pre-Cleanse Shampoo
  • Active Keratin Treatment
  • Detangler Brush
  • Gloves
  • Maintenance Shampoo & Conditioner

First stop, do a patch test a couple of days before you plan to use the treatment. Dab a little of each product on your inner elbow and wash off after 30 minutes. If, after 48 hours, there’s no redness or irritation, then you’re good to go. You cannot use this treatment on broken or damaged hair.

Wash hair twice with the Pre-Cleanse Shampoo.

I only used half a bottle as it lathered up a lot on the second wash. I find cleansing/clarifying shampoo a complete nightmare, my hair is always stiff and impossible to comb through afterwards and this one was no exception. Yes, my hair was squeaky clean, but as you don’t use conditioner at this stage and my hair drinks up conditioner* (more on this later), I needed a wide tooth comb, my Tangle Teezer and a lot of patience to gently coax my hair into a manageable mop after rinsing. A water spray bottle is handy to keep hair damp, mine kept drying out – the perils of highlighting!

There is a little detangling brush included in the kit – Denman’s Be-Bop Brush no less, so it’s good quality. However, I felt more comfortable using my beloved Tangle Teezer at this stage, to gently (and slowly) brush through my contrary hair. Having said that, the Be-Bop is now a handbag essential.

Towel dry or blow dry hair until slightly damp.  Divide hair into 3 sections.

I feel towel drying is a bit harsh on hair, so I dabbed mine ‘semi dry’ with the towel.
Shake the bottle of Keratin Treatment and apply evenly with the brush over each section.

I found this stage a bit difficult, so I divided my hair again into smaller sections, which made application a lot easier and more thorough. There’s a huge emphasis in the instructions to not oversaturate the hair, which panicked me slightly because the product did appear to be fully distributed throughout my hair using only half the contents of the bottle, so, to be on the safe side, I left it at that.

Wait 30-40 minutes for treatment to absorb.

It doesn’t drip, but I was wearing a cover up made from a big black bin liner – cut a ‘v’ shape for your head to slip through and cut out arm holes, you know,  just in case.
Rinse off with warm water.
This time my hair wasn’t stiff after rinsing and was really easy to comb through – hurrah!
Towel (dab) dry hair and leave slightly damp.
Section off hair and straighten with ceramic irons.

The instructions say ‘An average of 6-7 passes are required.’ Gulp! I don’t like straightening my hair at the best of times, but I did it, although when I ran the irons down the length of my hair and reached the ends, I went over them very quickly.

As with a Keratin (or ‘Brazilian’) Blow Dry Treatment, hair cannot get damp, be tied up (or tucked under ears) for 48 hours.

Usually at this stage with a salon keratin treatment, my hair is glossy and swishy – before moving swiftly to lank and greasy after the first day. This time my hair was soft, but dull and a bit dry-looking. Although, I was actually able to go out IN PUBLIC on the second day. I thought, either it’s not working because I only applied half the product, or I’ve ruined my hair and it will look like this forever. #firstworldproblems

On day 3, I used the Free From Frizz Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner – Psst! Change the design of the bottles Free From Frizz people, you KNOW they look like drinks. One of my sons (it’s OK, he’s 18, not a toddler) picked up the conditioner thinking it was a milkshake* and asked if he could have a drink.


My hair combed through nicely, it didn’t feel particularly smooth (sad face from me), so I ran a little Moroccan oil through the ends which in hindsight, was mistake. I knew this as soon as my hair started to dry, it was as smooth as silk but so slippy, it couldn’t hold a style at all, but oh my, what a shine. Best of all, no need for straighteners to iron out annoying kinks. As I’ve said above, this isn’t a straightening treatment per se, but truly a de-frizzing one. I would definitely go as far as to call it the ultimate conditioning treatment.


Is it easier to sit in a salon drinking coffee, nibbling biscuits and flicking through Hello, while someone else is doing all the hard work for you? OF COURSE IT IS! But the cheapest Keratin salon treatment is about £100-125 (providing you can beat a salon down to that price) and that’s without maintenance shampoo and conditioner. Free From Frizz kits are £26.95. Yes, it’s time-consuming and a bit troublesome, but for that price, it’s definitely worth it.

TIPS – Based on my experience, gather the following together before you begin:

  • 3 or 4 hair clips to secure hair when you part it.
  • A pair of close-fitting plastic gloves – the ones in the set are made for a giant and they’re very thin. You need to ‘feel’ the sections you’ve covered with the treatment and those flimsy gloves don’t quite cut it.
  • A Tangle Teezer – The Denman brush is fab though.
  • A water spray bottle, or close access to water to keep hair slightly damp, especially if your hair is highlighted and it sucks up moisture.
  • A towel (or plastic bin liner!) to protect clothing.
  • A friend to do the back bit and possibly share the kit if you only use half, shhh!

Make sure you’re not interrupted, this treatment does take time; you don’t want to turn the air blue shouting at people to leave you alone – sorry my family!

Thick / Coarse Treatment Set £26.97 FREE FROM FRIZZ

Fine / Normal Treatment Set £26.97 FREE FROM FRIZZ
Free From Frizz Website

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