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Flamingo Gifts

Flamingo Gifts is an online retailer who specialise in…well, every gift you could possibly imagine. This is the place to go to for the silly and the (semi) serious. Prices range from £1.49 for a ‘measuring tape’ toilet roll to £249.99 for a 10 foot long inflatable dinosaur.

There are unique gift ideas for kids, men, women, and grandparents. Plus a huge range of products from well established brands: Ted BakerHello KittyOrla Kiely & Wu and Wu (retro and vintage designs feature heavily on the site).


Flamingo gifts bestsellers

*Aherm!* If you’re of a certain age, then you’ll remember the multi-coloured toe socks and how hard it was to fit your little toe into the end one. We really did wear these!




Flamingo Gifts

This is the great thing about being a blogger, you get to hear about fabulous products, websites and services that would’ve otherwise passed you by – with the internet being so big an all.

Flamingo Gifts were generous enough to let me have free rein and I chose fun, quirky gifts I thought people would love – and they did!

Flamingo Gifts

I did pick a few other lovely things just for me, but they’re all currently out of stock – should’ve done my homework! Although it does prove what impeccable taste I have.

New items are added all the time, as well as regular discounted items, so it’s worth checking the site for updates.

Every time I have a look, I see products I’d hadn’t heard of before i.e. Horse Head Squirrel Feeder (although this freaks me out!) Or ones that bring back great memories of my childhood, such as the Hypotrochoid Art Set *cough* mini Spirograph *cough*


As of today, (22nd March 2015) and for a limited period, Flamingo Gifts are running a “Spring Madness 1p First Class Delivery on all Orders” promo. Although be warned, once on the site, you’ll be stuck there browsing for ages!

Flamingo Gifts Website

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