Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Color Care Anti-Fade Top Coat UPDATE

Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Color Care Anti-Fade Top Coat

You can never have too many bottles of hair serum, I should know because I have an awful lot of them; from inexpensive Botantics Shine Infusion (discontinued, Boots you idiots!) to Kerastase Exlixir Ultime (3 varieties) to Moroccan Oil (Original and ‘Light’ formulas if you please) to the original Frizz-Ease and erm…quite a few more in between.

One of my very favourite hair product brands is by Frédéric Fekkai – a New York based, but French-born and Paris trained, hair stylist (or ‘hairdresser‘ as we say in old money). It’s a mouth wateringly expensive hair care line (bought by Procter & Gamble in 2008) and sits very firmly in the luxury bracket.

The last Fekkai products I bought were the ‘Glossing’ shampoo and conditioner which I absolutely loved and were fortunately on special offer in John Lewis. Although it’s interesting to note that John Lewis, Debenhams and Selfridges no longer stock Frédéric Fekkai products.


Colour Care Anti-Fade Top Coat – A quick-dry top coat for hair seals the cuticle, helps prevent frizz and fade.
Seals in colour to help preserve vibrancy, while guarding against daily damage. This is for women with weakened, colour-treated hair who wish to keep their hair’s condition as fresh as the say they left the salon.
This Anti-Fade Color Complex has a self-defense system that contains a powerful natural UV shield, Galanga Root.

HOW TO USE (with my own notes)

Apply 2-3 drops to hands – It now comes in a plastic pump dispenser bottle; press down the pump all the way and too much product will come out and that’s an expensive waste. Just a gentle press of half a pump will be more than enough. Actually, if you can manage a ‘quarter’ pump that would be even better. You don’t need much at all, that 50ml bottle is going to last a very long time.

Evenly distribute through dry hair – As with any serum, keep well away from the roots. You really do want to just ‘seal’ and ‘coat’ your hair. Rub the serum between your palms and smooth over your hair, no rubbing the product through your hair.

I’ve had this serum before and I’d actually forgotten just how amazing it is at keeping my highlights from fading too fast. Apart from the gorgeous ‘expensive hair salon in Beverley Hills‘ scent, it does exactly what it says it will do. It preserves hair colour and keeps it fresh looking.

The formulation is light and non-greasy – SO important, and imparts glossy shine to hair.

When you’re sitting behind someone, you can usually tell their age by just looking at their hair. Young hair looks healthy and the colour is vibrant. Older hair can look flat and dull. This is why I think we all need a colour boost not only to combat this dullness but also to physically thicken hair, as the strands are actually coated with colour.  I love highlights because they go a step further and create the illusion of even more hair.

This serum kicks it up a notch and whilst it won’t contribute anything to the health of your hair, it will prolong colour life and impart a gentle healthy looking (it’s all smoke and mirrors when you hit 50) sheen.

I bought mine for £16.00 from Escentual, who don’t seem to stock it anymore.

6th February 2014

UPDATE: 13th April 2015

Sadly, Escentual no longer stock this gorgeous serum. Add to that online retailers, Look Fantastic and Beauty Expert. They both say ‘sold out’ but it’s been that way for months. Interestingly, they’ve both hiked up the price considerably – naughty!

Look Fantastic £13.00 to £20.00 – Tsk! Beauty Expert  £12.64 to £16.00.

I just can’t understand why Frédéric Fekkai products are no longer sold in the UK. *Checks they haven’t been recalled for any sinister reason. Phew! Nope, they haven’t* The Color Technician and Glossing ranges in particular, are superb. Although, I can also see a new product on the official US site that I would really love to buy, a rose hair fragrance mist.

Now, I am very close to the end of my bottle and I really do want another one, Amazon UK are tapped out, so I’m buying a bottle on eBay for a suspiciously? very reasonable £12.95. I’m not keen on eBay these days and use the site as a last resort. I’ve had one too many bad experiences with grubby products reeking of cigarettes. If this works out and the product is the real thing, then I’ll definitely order more.

Fingers crossed!


Success! The serum arrived on Thursday and it IS a genuine product. Admittedly, the slight tatty jiffy bag had a faint whiff of musty, but the serum itself didn’t, so I’m very pleased.

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