REVIEW Estée Lauder NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask

Estee Lauder Nightwear Plus 3 Minute Detox Mask

I love a clay mask, but, they tend to be messy and time-consuming. It seems to take ages for the mask to dry especially around the nose and chin area, plus there’s the clean up afterwards. That said, my skin always feels softer, cleaner and fresher whenever I use one.

Along with a few other Estee Lauder samples, I was given a couple of travel-sized tubes of the 3-minute detox mask. I think the sales assistant was so generous because I was stocking up on the vastly overpriced, but certainly not overhyped, Advanced Night Repair Ampoules which cost about a million pounds per capsule.

I should be embarrassed really to admit to buying these because according to the Boots website, they work out as a staggering £267.00 per 100ml – and I’m on my third jar! As far as I can tell, they’re a supercharged version of the famous Advanced Night Repair and in fact, you can use them in conjunction with the serum and moisturiser.

The ampoules are meant to last a year, but I got through a jar in 3 months during lockdown. My skin loves them and drinks up the serum. I’ve found it the most hydrating product in the ANR range, but ooh, that price…

However, ask anyone of a ‘certain age’ who is serious about skincare, if they’ve ever used Advanced Night Repair and I guarantee they will say yes, cost withstanding. Advanced Night Repair in whatever form is an iconic product.

The cost can go up to £89.00 for 60 capsules, but John Lewis (not AllBeauty for once) is the cheapest place to buy them.

I’ve heard some worrying rumours that Estee Lauder is discontinuing these (madness) and I will try to find out more. Do I stockpile or use them more sparingly?

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules


Look Fantastic *£89.00 (for shame!)

Feel Unique *£80.62

Boots *£80.10 (worth calculating the Advantage Card points though)

AllBeauty *£79.95

John Lewis *£75.65 (as of 27/10/20)


Estee Lauder Nightwear Plus 3 Minute Detox Mask

A powerful yet efficient treatment that is ideal for dull, lacklustre skin in need of a boost.

The liquid-textured, clay-based formula glides across the contours of your face and rapidly sets within minutes, working to absorb excess oil, pollutants and toxins from clogged pores and restore a healthy looking balance.

Suitable for all skin types.


  • Smooth over clean skin in a thin layer
  • After 3 minutes, lightly massage with water and rinse thoroughly
  • Avoid eye area
  • Follow with serum and moisturiser
  • Use twice a week
I used my samples sparingly, which was easy because you only need the thinnest layer. The second they ran out I bought the full-sized 75ml version, this was back in February, the last time I was in an airport. There I was, merrily stocking up on Estee Lauder, Mac (more Stubborn Brown eyeliner pencils, I’m draining the last of the worldwide supply), Chanel nail polishes, a Jo Malone Red Roses candle and Clarins Eau Dynamisante Body Cream, without a care in the world. Those were the days weren’t they?


The mask is a pale mint green colour and has a lovely, fresh-scented melon/cucumber fragrance. I normally wouldn’t like that combination in a skincare product, but this is Estee Lauder, so it smells delicious.

It comes in a tube which means minimal mess and it’s hygienic. The texture is more like a thin cream than a liquid ie it doesn’t trickle out of the tube, which makes it very travel friendly.

It fully dries in less than 60 seconds. You can also feel a slight tingle, just like a ‘regular’ 20-minute clay mask.

Washing it off with lukewarm water is also fast and easy, no product clogging in pores. Skin feels lovely afterwards, not tight, but clean but soft.

I read that you can put a tiny dot on a spot, safely leave it on overnight and it will calm it right down. I did this when I had one of those weird angry spots that appeared from nowhere and I’m happy to say this does work. The redness lessened quite a lot, the blemish began to dry out and it healed quickly. I wouldn’t do this regularly, but in an emergency, it worked fine.

This mask is not a new product, but if I didn’t have a sample it wouldn’t have appeared on my radar. It’s convenient, works as well, if not better than a traditional clay mask but faster, and there’s no mess.


I was initially put off by the price – £38.00 for 75ml, but my tube has proved to be good value for money as there’s still plenty left. Plus you’re more likely to remember to apply a mask if it’s just sitting in your bathroom cabinet and you know it only takes a few minutes.

Albeauty has redeemed itself because it’s cheaper there than elsewhere.

AllBeauty *£31.45

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It’s not an exact dupe, but I recall using (and loving) L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Eucalyptus Purity Face Mask when it was first launched a good few years ago. My two (then) teenage sons loved the charcoal version to clear their spots. In fact, all the L’Oreal masks are great value at £7.99 for 50ml. There’s also a L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Face Wash from Boots * now in the line up which I will definitely buy.
All prices correct as of 27/10/20.

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