REVIEW: Elemis – Skin Buff

Elemis Skin Buff

Mature skin benefits from regular, but gentle exfoliation. Cell renewal – much like everything else after you hit 40, slows down. To speed up cell regeneration, we need to remove the build up of the oldest dead skin cells and generate fresh, new ones.

A word of caution though, I wouldn’t use an exfoliating product, however gentle, more than twice a week as skin is particularly delicate and thinner, as we approach 40.

It’s also sensible to be extra vigilant about using a daily sun screen after every exfoliating process. Thankfully, a lot of foundations and moisturisers now contain SPF, but it’s always worth checking, newly revealed skin is vulnerable, protect it!

Elemis Skin Buff is a rejuvenating exfoliator that gently buffs away impurities, dirt and dulling skin cells boosting skin cell regeneration and enhancing natural radiance. It’s also ideal for prepping skin for self-tanning.

This proven exfoliator is ideal for all skin types, re-energising dull and lifeless skin. The fine exfoliating granules slough away dead skin cells, leaving the complexion brighter and better able to breathe. Extracts of Laurel, Hops and soothing Chamomile.

Apply (a tiny amount of) Elemis Skin Buff to wet skin and very gently exfoliate the skin in circular motions over the face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse away the particles with warm water.


I use this product twice a week and have done so for some time. My skin feels much smoother and the pore size reduced afterwards. I am sure there are other cheaper exfoliators on the market but I have faith in Elemis products and like to buy British.

I’m a regular Elemis user. I use this twice a week whilst in the shower. It gently exfoliates, leaving my skin soft and smooth. I bought the tube 3 months ago and still have some left, so it’s worth the money!

This is the best face polish I have ever used. At first I tried generous sample and now I cannot imagine my skin care without it. It is so gentle to my sensitive skin. After using skin is very smooth. I also like its smell. I would say that La Therapie face polish is very similar to this one, just more expensive. I like both, but prefer Skin Buff.

One of the best scrubs I have discovered. It’s effective without being too harsh or industrial. With scrubs, it needs to strike the right balance between shape of beads and concentration of beads, this hits the mark on both. The beads aren’t those useless spherical jojoba beads which do nothing but slide around on your face but stay uniform in nature with no jagged bits so this doesn’t hurt.

What I like most about this is the cream its suspended in. It’s a highly aromatic cream and is a real treat to massage in. As much as I love the Dermalogica Age Smart Thermofoliant, there is no aesthetic element to it and it was pure process. This feels like you are treating your skin and feeding something back in as you take the dead skin off.

When I first squeezed it out of the tube I thought it wasn’t going to be up to much, as I couldn’t see any grains, however, the result was fantastic. The cream has micro particles which honestly leaves my face feeling as smooth as glass. I had a few minute bumps around my mouth that I could never really get rid of but this has done the trick. It removes all impurities and dead skin and makes putting on makeup a dream.

I read somewhere that this feels like liquid sandpaper, which might sound off-putting but its true. Sensitive souls may want to go easy though. I recently purchased a full size tube for £26 which is a little steep but I think it’s worth it as I have used so many that were not worthy and ended up in the bin or passed on to someone else.

I agree with the above reviews, Skin Buff is incredibly gentle and yet still does the job. The price tag puts it very much in the luxury market, but as one of the reviewers above said, it does last. I’ve had my full size 50ml tube for three months now and there’s still loads left, I haven’t even resorted to my old ‘prolonging product life’ trick of cutting down the tube scooping product out of the ‘collar’ and wrapping it tightly in clingfilm to keep it fresh.

It’s really nice to use, it has a beautiful, fairly strong, ‘spa-like’ scent. The grains, suspended in a pale yellow cream, are super fine, but there are a lot of them, so a very light pressure will still provide optimum exfoliation. My skin’s fairly sensitive, but there wasn’t any hint of pinkness or irritation after use.

It’s a fairly runny consistency, so be very careful when squeezing it out, hold the tube at an angle so that the pesky laws of gravity won’t allow more to spill out than you need. A pea-sized amount is plenty as it’s creamy enough to cover the face effectively. Skin is super soft afterwards.

It’s on sale for £26.00 across the net, but The Gorgeous Shop sells Elemis Skin Buff for £22.10 (Free P & P)

I’ve used this company before, the products I’ve ordered have always been new – I always worry if a well-known brand is cheaper than elsewhere, that it might be ‘old’ stock. You should note that the free delivery option WILL take the full six working days, but then again, that’s a small price to pay for not paying a big price!

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