REVIEW: Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

Part of the award-winning Elemis Sp@Home Body Exotics range, Frangipani Monoi Body Oil is a luxurious ‘3 in 1’ treatment oil. Reading reviews from a variety of sources, I couldn’t believe how many people raved about this product. I love hair oils and facial oils, but I have never used a body oil, I have always found them too greasy or paradoxically, too dry. This oil is different, read my review at the end to see why.

Intoxicate the senses with an exotic blend of Coconut Coprah Oil and sweet-scented Frangipani flowers. This exquisite treatment oil has long-lasting hydration properties to seal in moisture and leave skin silky soft. Can be used as an intensive conditioning treatment for hair and nails. Exotic Tahitian monoi, infused with frangipani flowers provides superior moisturisation, giving skin a glorious sheen.


  • Place bottle in a bowl of warm water.
  • Massage into the skin (concentrate on dry areas such as elbows, knees, and ankles.)


  • Massage a small amount of Franigipani Monoi Moisture Melt into hair and scalp.
  • Cover with warm towel and relax for 15 minutes.
  • Shampoo and rinse.

May also be used on cuticles as part of a manicure or pedicure.
Free from Parabans, Silicones and Mineral Oil.


This is the only product I have ever tried (and there are many!) that makes my fizzy coarse hair like silk. I put a teaspoon full on at night before going to bed and the wash out in the morning. Silky, shiny, soft flowing hair! I never thought my hair would ever look like this. It’s also good on legs after shaving. Thank you so much Elemis for allowing me to have long hair!

I found it to be fantastic on my hair – smooth and shiny with loads of body after an overnight treatment. Effects lasted for quite a few days, and seemed to refresh my colour. Very moisturising on skin and nails, especially cuticles. Unfortunately, I find the smell really unpleasant, so I would only use this at bedtime, as I need to shower the smell off before going anywhere. Obviously, smell is very personal – my friend thinks it’s lovely, so don’t be put off, the results are good. The smell detracted from the “home spa experience” a bit as far as I’m concerned.

Smells delicious – The scent is a personal choice, personally I love it but can understand why it wouldn’t be everyone’s favourite. It’s a cross between gardenia & marzipan, (sounds odd but it’s lovely if you like sweet exotic fragrances & for me it’s perfect).

I use it all over after a shower, but mainly I use it for my hands and nails. My nails and cuticles were very dry. I have used nearly every type of nail/cuticle oil on the market but nothing worked until I tried Elemis Monoi Melt. My nails look healthy and shiny and my cuticles no longer feel like a brillo pad.

It is amazing. It is no bother to melt down and only takes a few minutes anyway. Stick it in the shower or bath with you in the morning, it will soon be ready for use. The smell is beautiful, really sensual.

This melt is has the most wonderful perfume. Not only is it good for dry skin – but I use it as a hair conditioner BEFORE I wash my hair. It’s also good to rub into cuticles and any dry areas on your hands or feet. I keep it on the radiator in the bathroom so it’s always ready to use.

This is one of my favourite body products, the smell is just absolutely beautiful and it leaves my skin so silky smooth, and yes, it is pricey but, I find the bottle can last me quite a while. My lower legs can get dry and I could never seem to get rid of those dry lines down my legs but, this does it is so intensely moisturising. In the summer I don’t need to stand it in any hot water as it’s always a liquid and in the winter I just pop it on the radiator, easy peasy!

I know that scent is a personal thing but I find this overpowering and sickly. The product itself is divine and leaves the skin feeling like silk. If you place it in a jug/sink of hot water whilst you bath or shower it is liquid by the time you get out. A little goes a long way too.

I adore this product its smell is divine the texture is so comforting, I use this every day after my shower I don’t think there is any problem with melting it, I place it on my radiator while I shower or just place it in the shower with me I use it all over my body and sometimes a tiny amount on the ends of my hair treat yourself to a pedicure and then wear cotton socks your feet are wonderful and smooth after. I can’t be without it.

I use this oil on my clients and they all comment on how soft their skin is afterwards. It is not fiddly at all to use, simply hold the bottle under a hot tap or place it in a basin of hot water and it melts within 30 secs, simple.

On those days when I really need some “me” time, I run a bath, step in…relax…and leave this little marvel in the water with me as I relax, melting away, so that it’s ready for when I step out.

It transforms into a beautifully light and fragrant oil. A little goes a long way and it spreads well. It leaves the skin soft and very fragrant and somehow always seems to lead to a good night’s sleep!

I have dry shin bones, so I have a nice hot bath and pop the bottle in the bath while it’s running to help melt it. I then take the bottle out of the bath and enjoy relaxing. I then dry my self off and smother my arms and legs in the oil. It really helps to moisturise my dry areas and my partner loves the smell of it too.

Even Holly Willoughby’s a fan.

For my body, I love Elemis Moisture Melt hair and body oil after a bath – it smells amazing. Source: Timetospa/DailyExpress


The reviews above are spot on. If you enjoy heady, musky scents then this oil is definitely for you. Pop the bottle into hot water or on a radiator, and it melts in mere seconds, turning from solid to liquid. The glass bottle has a matt finish so it’s not slippy when ‘greasy’ (good thinking Elemis, I bet a woman came up with that idea). The oil doesn’t pour out of the bottle in a huge wasteful glug, but is released in small, controlled quantities.

I’m not crazy about the scent, it’s a little too pungent and heavy for me, although I have got used to it as I use it three or four times a week as it’s become an essential part of my night time routine. It moisturises skin and absorbs beautifully (especially dry shins), although it’s definitely not a ‘dry’ oil as it leaves a slight sheen on skin.

But the star use for me is what this oil does for my hair and nails. A couple of drops of warm oil massaged into cuticles softens and transforms them. I am a long time devotee of the fabulous Jessica Phenomen Oil and this oil beats that one hands down. There, what higher praise can I give on it?

I haven’t used it on my scalp – well, not yet, but it is on my ‘to do’ list. If my hair is looking and feeling dry, I massage a fair few drops into the lengths and leave it on overnight (it doesn’t leave a trace on sheets or pillowcases). Admittedly, despite the cloying scent, I always sleep well on those nights.

Come morning time, I wash my hair – twice, but with a watered down shampoo; my dry, frizzy mop is transformed into soft, smooth locks. One thing though, it’s by no means greasy, but I find that curls and waves will not set, or if they do, they fall out quickly. I did try the tiniest drop on dry hair, which was a mistake, now that did leave it a little oily and flat – incredible shine though!


At £32.00 for 100ml, this is indeed a luxury buy (or indulgent gift, drop a few hints).  I can understand why reviewers say it’s economical; when warmed, oil will spread further so of course, less is required.  Because of the 6 month expiry time, I’ve decanted half of it and passed it on (dark glass bottles needed if you’re going to do this) and yet I still have an awful lot of product left.

QVC sell 2 x 100ml bottles for £48.00 (plus £4.95 P & P) that’s £26.50 a bottle, a fiver off, not bad!

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