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No one blow-dries your hair as well as a hairdresser does. When they do it, hair is shinier, bouncier and lasts longer.  The Duck & Dry blow dry bar in Chelsea is open 7 days a week and from 7.30am Monday to Friday.

Go in with freshly washed hair and you can choose from a fixed priced menu of eight signature blow drys (£25.00) and eight updos (£35.00), regardless of hair type or length. Not bad, because I know a couple of West End salons who cheekily charge up to £15.00 for very long or thick hair.

Duck & Dry have just launched a range of their own ‘at home’ hair care products and here are the two available right now.


This all-in-one volume spray is the only styling tool you need to create a professional blow dry. It promises root lift, plumpness, texture and supershine throughout.

Formulated with honey locust to give an instant volume boost and overall plumpness to the hair, white nettle to create natural root lift, ginseng to stimulate hair texture for extra grip and a combination of essential oils to provide nourishment, health and sheen.


  • Shake well and spray sparingly on damp hair; throughout the lengths for overall fullness or on the roots for instant lift.
  • Blow dry normally to pump up the volume.


I love the fragrance of this volumising spray, mainly I suspect, because my sensitive nose can detect the Rose Absolute Flower Oil.

This is a very lightweight spray and I used it on my mum’s hair to lift her roots. At first I thought it was a bit too light, I sprayed it on and blow-dried her hair and it seemed much the same.

The magic happens when you apply heat as I did, via tongs. Hair is lifted, but shiny (hugely important, especially for older hair) and even though the lift held, it wasn’t crispy. Anyone who uses tongs will know what I mean by that.

I used on my hair, also of course on the roots, but with Velcro rollers as my hair is fairly long.

When I took one of the rollers out, the bouncy ‘curl’ just wouldn’t flatten out. I dashed into work and combed through with lots of water, although it still looked a bit bumpy. Lesson, proceed with caution when using rollers!

For my fine hair, this spray is best used with a huge round brush to curl and turn the ends under and keep it in place. I also it on the mid section to bulk up my hair, but leave a smooth finish.


Duck & Dry’s leave-in conditioner repairs, conditions and detangles dry and damaged hair, promising to leave hair without a trace of frizz and leave a super smooth and shiny finish.

Cultivated with a combination of natural honey to deliver ultimate moisture, shea butter to deeply nourish and improve hair growth, Vitamin B to keep locks soft and hydrated furthermore preventing damage.


  • Shake well and spray evenly on towel dried hair from mid-lengths to the ends. Comb through and do not rinse out.
  • Blow dry normally, or let the hair dry naturally for a smooth and healthy finish.


I’m trying to pin down the scent of this leave in conditioner, but I can only describe it as a ‘fresh air’ fragrance.

Spraying it onto my towel dried hair, (I concentrated it on the ends) and styling it, left it nice and soft. It really is lightweight and you only need a couple of sprays.

However, I have found an even better use for it, one which makes the most of its incredible scent. I use it as a hair reviver, not so much as a dry shampoo, but a spray to perk up dirty unwashed hair.

A couple of sprays, a gentle rake though with my fingers and a quick comb through, smoothed my hair and left it with a subtle shine. But the biggie was that it smelled as if I’d just washed it. Not that powdery dry shampoo fragrance, but the scent of freshly washed hair.


Instant TLC Leave-In Conditioner 150ml £18.00
Blow-Dry in a Bottle Mega Volume Spray 150ml £18.00


Duck & Dry

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