REVIEW: Dove Silk Glow Body Wash

Dove Silk Glow Body Wash

I’m not really a fan of Dove products. I’ve always found that the soap (aka the beauty ‘bar’) leaves a thin film on my skin that can feel a bit greasy. I’m assuming it’s from all the moisturising cream they put into it.

I was introduced to Dove Silk Glow Body Wash by my 19-year-old son, freshly back from University to save money and be fed and watered for 3 months spend the summer holidays with us.

I was surprised to see a couple of big bottles in his bag. I thought perhaps a girl (eek!) had left them behind and he just picked them up and shoved them into his bag. But no, apparently a lot of boys in his year (they’re 19, I mean MEN of course), use this body wash.

Dove Silk Glow Body Wash indulges your skin with a rich lather that moisturises skin as you wash whilst delicate aromas unfold in the heat of the bathroom.

Dove Silk Glow Body Wash combines specially selected silk proteins with Dove shower’s 1/4 light moisturising cream.

I was doubly surprised when I opened it and had a sniff of the bottle – to me it’s very highly scented. It smells like a more ‘perfumey’ version of the Dove soap fragrance. But JJ said they use it because it makes their skin feel soft after sweating it out in the gym. All very curious.

JJ gave me a bottle to try it for myself and suddenly, all became clear.

The formula lathers up beautifully with pleasantly scented bubbles. The Dove fragrance virtually disappears when you dry yourself (although I’ve read conflicting reviews on this), but the moisturising effects do not. Initially I though the ‘silk glow’ effect was from added fake tan (hello St. Tropez) but actually, it’s from faint, barely there, light reflecting particles.

Skin afterwards IS beautifully moisturised, especially on the legs. As we get older, our body’s natural oil production slows down and we really need to keep everything moisturised to prevent skin from drying out, particularly on the shins. I usually slather myself in body cream after a shower, but I didn’t need to at all with this. There’s no greasy film left on the skin, but instead, a lovely silky sheen.

This is not only an amazing find, but now it’s on offer for £1.00 at Boots.

Reading some of the reviews on the Boots website, I see that husbands and sons ARE using it as well, so that clears that one up. Great little product, even greater price.


Dove Silk Glow is by far my favourite body wash EVER!!! The smell is lovely, it lathers up in a really creamy load of bubbles and it gives my skin a glow to be proud of as well as making it very soft.

The fragrance is pleasant and sweet although this only remained whilst I was actually using it in the shower and there was no longevity.

Love this product. It’s so thick and luxurious and leaves your skin feeling silly soft. Had a pleasant smell. My husband likes it too, he’s been stealing it in the shower! Lathers really well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry when you come out the shower.

This body wash is amazing, absolutely love the silky feel of the wash when using it, I also love how clean and super soft my skin feels afterwards. I really love how the product smells too, lovely clean fresh smell. My husband and son are also enjoying using this wash, think I may need a bigger bottle!

Dove Silk Glow Body Wash 250ml £1.00 (at 30/7/15) Boots

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