REVIEW Dior Forever Matte Foundation

Dior Forever Matte Foundation

As happy as I am with Lisa Eldridge’s The Foundation, I felt it was a tad too heavy for summer, it certainly gives you a polished look but I wanted something just that bit lighter as the temperatures rose.

The Foundation

I had been meaning to buy Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation (down to £28.00 from £35.00 at Look Fantastic)* or even their All Over Concealer, but the shades I want are consistently sold out.

I settled then on Dior Forever Matte Foundation. The reviews said it was light with excellent coverage and ideal for older skin.

Dior Forever is the iconic no-transfer foundation by Dior that offers a high-perfection complexion with 24h wear.

Thanks to its formula composed of an 86%* skincare base, this fluid foundation provide the skin long-lasting comfort and lets it breathe, while visibly improving your complexion.

I ordered directly from the Dior website. I wouldn’t normally do this because I can usually find products cheaper elsewhere online.

The foundation hovers around £40.00/£45.00 for 30ml. I paid the full whack of £45.00 because I knew I could return the ‘wrong’ shade, and I’d rather lose £5.00 than £40.00.

I’d forgotten just how nicely products are packaged from the official retailers. The foundations arrived the day after I ordered them – and considering I ordered them at 9 pm the day before, that’s quite impressive. They were packed in a cute Dior box, with a drawstring bag for the two perfume samples.

The shades are divided into Cool, Neutral and warm. See below to determine which one you are.

Foundation: Are you cool, warm or neutral?

Dior Forever Matte Foundation SWATCH

I wasn’t sure which shade to get so bought the two closest matches for my cool skin, shades 2CR and 3CR.

Dior Forever Matte Foundation SWATCH

Dior Forever Matte Foundation SWATCH

2CR Cool Rosy – Light skin with pink undertones.  3CR Cool Rosy – Medium skin with pink undertones.

2CR seemed the best match but I find you can’t rely on online swatches. Why I thought I had ‘medium’ skin when I’m as pale as day is anyone’s guess. 3CR is very peachy and immediately looked wrong.


1. Start applying the foundation by dabbing onto areas that require correction, then blend by smoothing.
2. For totally even coverage over the entire face, you can use a foundation brush.
The 24h wear means no touch-ups are needed during the day.


I find I can’t apply any foundation without first spritzing my foundation brush with 3 pumps of water-based Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 spray.

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Primer Setting Spray

It’s genius, especially with a matte foundation. It provides just the right amount of slip for a smooth application and of course, makeup doesn’t budge the whole day, no matter how warm it gets. Dior already promised this, but the Hangover spray was extra insurance. In fact, when it hit 30C last month and everyone’s makeup was sliding down their face or going cakey because they kept adding powder, mine was picture perfect.

I’ve been reading reviews saying the formula feels quite dry. So maybe the Hangover 3-in-1 spray helped with this?

The brush I use is Beauty Pie’s Seamless Foundation Buffing Brush. The most perfect of brushes to blend foundation, not too soft or too stiff.

Although I’d steer clear of Beauty Pie’s disappointing All-Over Face Powder Brush as it’s far too soft, the bristles splay out so much you can’t control the powder.


Of course, you can use fingers or a beauty blender sponge for application, but I find using a brush takes mere seconds.

Coverage is seamless. The foundation doesn’t bring attention to pores, ie it doesn’t sit in them making them look obvious, it just seems to melt over them. This is important, as age and gravity naturally make pores look bigger. It does the same with fine lines. This is a great foundation for mature skin. I only hope it works as well come winter.

I only need one layer which is one pump, I would say coverage sits between heavy sheer and medium, but it feels as light as air on the skin.

It isn’t a flat matte, it’s not glowy of course but the finish has a softness about it. Although again, that could be down to the Hangover spray.

I will attest that it lasts all day, no touch-ups are required.

It’s very flattering because it evens out skin tone without having to apply too much product. This, of course, is because I nailed the shade, it’s the key to everything.


I’ve done this three times now. If you don’t pump it directly into your palm – or on your palette, fingers or sponge, it has a tendency to shoot out a thin stream of the foundation a disturbingly long way.

It missed my white bathroom blinds by centimetres and a tiny drop landed on the white grout which won’t come out, although apparently, I’m the only one who can see it.

It also doesn’t wash out of white cotton either. So, just be careful.


DIOR Forever Matte Foundation 30ml £45.00 from the Dior website.

Cheapest I’ve found is DIOR Forever Matte Foundation 30ml £38.25 Escentual *

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