REVIEW: Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow, Undress 647

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow, Undress 647I haven’t bought a Dior eyeshadow for a very long time, but I have watched a few tutorials with older vloggers using this palette, and thought these neutral shades would really suit me.


Matte, metallic, satiny, shiny, iridescent, glittery… effects reign supreme in the new 5 Couleurs palettes and make colours vibrate with multiple highlights. Each colour harmony was designed so that the effects and colours of one palette can be easily blended to create perfectly balanced makeup with the possibility of endless looks. 


The iconic layout of these 5 eyeshadows is still the same, yet it seems to have shrunk down and looks very small in my hand.

The palette itself is bigger though, with a generous sized mirror, but that’s only to accommodate the two cheap and McNasty foam sponge applicators (one is tipped with a sad wispy brush). Nobody ever uses these, not even in a dire emergency. 

The peachy pink and ivory shadows are a huge disappointment. The shades are insipid and there’s no colour payoff at all. Maybe they’d look good on darker skin tones (or maybe a bit chalky?), but on my fair skin, I might as well be applying fresh air to my lids. 

They are really so poor, I consider this a three shadow palette.

So that’s the bad news out-of-the-way, the good news is that the other three shades are beautiful.

Dior’s eyeshadows have always been strongly pigmented and these cool brown tones are no exception. I just can’t pick a favourite – OK the dark brown as you’re twisting my arm.

Dior Undressed palette

The middle pale brown shade – lighter in ‘real life’ (as above) and the slightly satiny, golden brown shade are ideal to use to create a fake crease.

This is a simple and useful technique for hooded eyes, and for those who have very little eyelid area. The idea is to devise a ‘new’ crease line to open up the eyes and create the illusion of depth where you want it.

Fake a crease line to open up eyes

  1. Apply a light colour, which can be shimmery, (I use Mac’s Gleam) on the lower eyelid area.
  2. To open your eyes; see that space just above your eyelid? Apply your darker crease colour here ie the golden brown one. This colour MUST be a matt/barely satin shade – shimmer shows up lines. This will be above your natural crease line which is sadly sometimes hidden.
  3. You can then softly shade in your natural crease/socket area with a light neutral matt colour ie the middle one in Undress. This is your transition colour. Again, blend to make it look seamless.
  4. You’ve done it right if you can see the new crease line when you open your eyes.

My favourite shade as I’ve already said, is the beautiful dark brown one. It’s a strong colour (looks a tiny bit shimmery, but it isn’t on the eye) and a little goes a long way. I use this for the outer corners of my eyes and the tiniest amount on the new crease. Admittedly, it does kick off a bit of dust in the pan, but it’s worth it for the colour and the intensity.


It was an expensive mistake at £47.50 for three eyeshadows – £15.00 per eyeshadow, I could’ve got half a Tom Ford one for that price!

But, those three eyeshadows are perfection.

These shades have restored my faith in Dior eyeshadows – quality, smoothness of application, longevity and non creasing. So much so in fact, I might dip my toes in the water and purchase the Dior Backstage Eye Palette £38.00. JUST LOOK AT IT!

After I’ve taken some swatches, of course.

Dior Backstage Eye Palette

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