This little gem has saved me a lot of money. The Denman Be-Bop D6 is a Shampoo/Shower brush that can also be used a gentle scalp massager.

A circular massage brush with extra-soft plastic pins suitable for both men and women, the Denman Be-Bop Massager is ideal for gentle scalp massage during shampooing and for distributing gels, waxes and pomades during styling.
The extra-soft plastic pins ensure your hair and scalp are stimulated without damage while the Denman logo reassures you that you’re using the best professional product available.

I don’t use this (tiny) brush as a scalp massager when I’m washing my hair, my hair is fine and I find the plastic pins too hard on my scalp. I do however, use it to distribute hair conditioner and treatment masks along the lengths of my hair.

I’ve obviously been far too heavy-handed with my (not cheap!) conditioning applications in the past. The first time I used this (mine was included with the Free From Frizz kit I trialled a while back), I was stunned at how much product I’d wasted, I still am actually. I’d been saturating my hair with treatments, no wonder my hair took ages to rinse clean.

I only use the Be-Bop when I have conditioner in my hair. I wouldn’t use it to comb wet hair (hello, Tangle Teezer) and I certainly wouldn’t use it to style my hair, besides, there’s a warning not to use it with a hairdryer.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews calling this a cheap, but viable alternative to the Tangle Teezer, in my opinion though, it’s not at all. The TT’s bristles are softer and finer, far more gentle on the hair (and scalp). I’d be worried about tearing my hair if I used this to de-tangle it.

The brush is black (sometimes called a Gents brush) with a handle for your hand, it’s small, but comfortable to use. I’ve only seen the brush in funky, neon colours on the official Denman website, but £3.50 plus £2.50 P&P = £6.00? Too much.

Denman Be-Bop Brush

I call this tiny brush my favourite hair gadget! I use it mainly as I wash my hair to de-comb and spread through any hair mask or other treatment. It’s really helpful, handle makes it so easy to use.

This does a better job of detangling my daughter’s hair than the Tangle Tamer (another Denman product) but the handle broke after a few months, so I am buying a second one.
Once the handle breaks (pops out of the hole) you can keep popping it back in but it will keep popping back out. It is a cheap quality brush, not up to Denman’s standards. They need to find a fix for the handle so it doesn’t break so easily, then again, they could charge a lot more for it.


Yes, it is just a cheap bit of plastic…but you have no idea how lovely it feels. Especially when you have a dry scalp like mine. I often use it between washes on dry hair to massage my scalp. I have to take care not to create a giant “birds nest” because I have long hair but I just use a little intelligence e.g. pausing occasionally to brush out the knots.


I have extremely curly hair and I cannot wash it without using an intense conditioner. My hair becomes matted and the only way to de-tangle it is by using the Denman Be-Bop Massager. Nothing else works as effectively and without pain. I would recommend this item to anyone with out of control hair and a definite tool for using on tight/afro hair.


Great for thin or long hair that needs delicate treatment. I have always been a huge fan of the ‘Tangle Teaser’, but if you don’t want to spend £10, then this is a great alternative for under a fiver!


Couldn’t recommend this enough. Great for short, spiked styles and brushing product through the hair. Also gives a great head massage if you use it in the bath or shower. Feels really good for the scalp.


Bought for myself but now, I am using it to brush my cat’s hair. It was too hard when she was a kitten, but now she loves it.

Denman Be-Bop D6 Shampoo & Massage Brush £2.75 (Free P&P) Look Fantastic
Just spotted these on the Look Fantastic website – Kent Shampoo & Scalp Massage Brush for £2.45

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