Cor Silver Soap

A bar of award-winning Cor Silver soap was sent to me to trial as an anti-ageing product, but because I’d previously researched the benefits of nano silver on acne prone skin – the anti-bacterial properties of silver help destroy bacteria associated with acne, I passed it onto one of my sons to trial.

Recommended for cleansing broken or delicate skin without running the risk of infection, Cor’s Silver Soap also dissolves make-up and impurities whilst battling blemish-causing bacteria.

Cor Silver Soap matches your skin’s pH, delivering nutrients and hydration as it cleans.


  • Wet face with warm water.
  • Lather up the bar – it foams quickly, and massage onto face until there’s a generous layer of foam.
  • Leave for 2 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and pat face dry.


It did take a good 3 weeks (used only 3 times per week), for Alex’s face to show any sign of improvement and he did mention that his face sometimes felt slightly dry afterwards, although never tight.

This is why his skin felt dry at first:

Cor soap speeds up the rejuvenation process of the skin, thereby accelerating the time it takes to heal breakouts and also the time it takes to produce a new fresh layer of skin. Thus, the dry skin you are experiencing in the early days of use of Cor, is old skin preparing itself to be replaced by the fresh new layer below.

At the beginning of week 4, and although the acne has improved slightly, there’s been a dramatic improvement with redness and soreness – this is always what I want to see first. Skin is less angry looking and inflamed, and is a normal healthy pale pink colour. This is a huge start and I can only think it will improve further with continued use.


Beautywise, the Cor soap not only acts as a cleanser, but the foam also exfoliates, as chitosan helps to balance out oil levels, resulting in a cleaner environment to prevent the encouragement of bacteria growth.

Sericin takes the place of toner and forms an invisible protective layer and help protects skin from sun damage.

The skin-lightening properties of sericin helps reverse skin damage and sun spots that have already formed.

Oh, and the bar is finally beginning to thin!


The trial size version weighs a mere 10g and costs £16.00. This seems to be the most popular size of course, because people want to see if Cor soap really is a multi-tasker before investing in the larger bars – £39.00 for 30g (lasts 3 months when following ‘official’ instructions) and £115.00 for 120g (lasts 9 months).

The price reflects the quality of ingredients including 99.9% purified silver ,

Used carefully and sensibly though, even the smallest bar will last weeks. A reviewer on Makeup Alley stretches her larger bar by shaving off a thin slice and using that until it runs out.

The most obvious preservation technique is not to let the bar ‘melt’ by standing in water even in the soap dip on basins. It lathers up fast, so don’t mess about, apply to face and while you’re waiting for the 2 minutes to pass (the rich, creamy foam doesn’t dissolve), put the bar on a piece of clingfilm, and wrap it up tightly.  The soap doesn’t soften anyway, which is why I think it lasts so long.


Enter UB4 for £4.00 off the 120g Signature Size


Cor Silver Soap

Cor Silver Soap

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