REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl Eye Cheat Pencil UPDATED

Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'n' Kohl Eye Cheat Pencil

I’m slowly building up a collection (some hits, some misses), of Charlotte Tilbury make up.

You can’t deny it, the attention to detail and the quality of her product line is top-notch, but then, so is the price…


This flattering nude, suits all skin tones (and I really think it would), eyeliner pencil, is one of my better investments.

Every nude, peach – or white (in the 80s), eyeliner I’ve ever used has always melted away and needed to be retouched after a couple of hours. But because Eye Cheat’s pencil formula is waterproof, this soft textured eyeliner lasts an incredibly long time (from day to night), on the waterline without smudging or fading.


  • A nude toned eyeliner will help open up the eyes when applied to the lower waterline.
  • A few soft strokes of pencil blended (and Eye Cheat blends beautifully), under the eyebrow at the highest point, will give eyes a little visual lift.
  • Apply a few bendable ‘dots’ to the inner corners of the eyes around the tear duct, for that wide-awake look Charlotte talks about.


Eye Cheat is a universal nude tone to create the optical illusion of wider, fuller and more awake eyes.

Use the liquid eye pencil to line the upper and lower waterline and corner with this eye saviour and watch as your eyes miraculously appear bigger and brighter.

Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'n' Kohl Eye Cheat Pencil
Spot on swatch from the official Charlotte Tilbury website


Keep this pencil sharpened, but obviously not to a dagger like point. I bought the Charlotte Tilbury Pencil Sharpener £5.00 with the removable lid, and it sharpens pencils to a near point – perfect for waterline application.

Note that Eye Cheat does require frequent sharpening, if you let the tip blunt, it’ll stick to your lower lashes and it’s a bugger to pick off.

I would also keep an eye on the pencil itself when you take the lid off, because of the softness of the pencil lead, it has a tendency to smudge over the pencil and mess up your make up bag.

6th September 2015

I’m nearing the end of this eye pencil. I know this because I’ve conducted a scientific experiment using the twin technology of two straightened paper clips and my eyes. The ‘lead’ runs out at the bottom of the ‘C’ at the end of the pencil.

What is a little irritating though, is how quickly the pencil itself becomes grubby. It doesn’t matter how careful I am – and I use make up wipes to clean my pencils (the only thing I use them for), the soft lead smudges in the cap and works its way along the pencil.

I’ve used this pencil every other day since September. Storing it in the fridge helps with sharpening, although this pencil never really firms up which means it’s really gentle on the eyes. I have loved using it, the creamy shade is spot on and it’s really flattering on the waterline on all skin tones.

Plus, I love the way it ‘sets’ and stays put for most of the working day, I’ve never known an eyeliner on the waterline to do that.

Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl Eye Cheat Pencil

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