REVIEW Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner Powder Pencil 'Sophia'

REVIEW Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner Powder Pencil 'Sophia'

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Charlotte Tilbury make up products. I bought this eyeliner powder pencil a couple of weeks ago along with the A M A Z I N G and much-loved (by me) Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow.


Cheat the classic, chic groomed-girl look with no effort. Enriched with a mix of fine opaque powders and specially-blended oils, THE CLASSIC Eyeliner Powder Pencil gives you a soft, subtle, blendable line that is easy to control.

The result is chic and timeless: Perfect for a natural daytime look or buildable at night for a sophisticated sexy smoky eye.

A mix of fine opaque powders and specially blended oils creates a soft, subtle line that is easy to apply.
Enriched with soothing allantoin, to be gentle on the delicate eye area.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner Powder Pencil 'Sophia'
Official swatch – It’s a warm brown, this looks too purple.

I was photographing a swatch of this pencil in daylight and the sun suddenly hit the paper and I could see the most gorgeous tiny sparkles of gold – below.

REVIEW Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner Powder Pencil 'Sophia'

The problem is, that when the sun went in, the sparkles vanished completely. I had to curve the paper to catch the light. On the eye they are so subtle, they might as well not be there.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner Powder Pencil 'Sophia'

The shade is dark matt brown indoors, but turns into more of a rich warm brown nearer the light. Colour wise, it is lovely and flattering, especially on mature skin.


It’s highly pigmented and application is smooth, there’s no dragging on the delicate eye area. Even though its longevity is perfect and it stayed in place all day, it can be blended beautifully for a smokey eye.


I bought it for the fine sprinkling of glitter and there’s none of that on the eye at all. As a dark brown eye pencil it’s perfect, but then, so is my ‘go to’ eye pencil, Mac Powerpoint Eyeliner in Stubborn Brown.


I feel I’ve wasted £16.00 on this pencil. I should bought the Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil in a darker shade, probably Dark Pearl instead. *Watch this space*

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner Powder Pencil ‘Sophia’ £16.00 Charlotte Tilbury

I’ve swatched loads of other Charlotte Tilbury products in store and I can’t begin to tell you what a truly gorgeous range it is (although I think every other blogger will tell you the same).

This experience won’t stop me buying more products – there’s so many of them I MUST HAVE! Yes, they are expensive, but when they’re good, they VERY good. This was just a dud.


This is another, minor niggle – here I go again! But the official swatches on the Charlotte Tilbury site annoy me a bit.

Charlotte Tilbury SwatchesI’ve gone through them and while I applaud the idea of illustrating how the swatches look on three different skin tones, it’s obvious that it’s just the same arm with various light, medium and heavy, applications of fake tan, some of it streaky too, hope it’s not a Charlotte Tilbury fake tan!

Swatches are important, especially when people are buying ‘blindly’ online. If I had a dark skin tone though, I wouldn’t be too impressed. I do understand why it was done, the arm remains consistently the same size to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but um…is this a case of making something visually appealing over accuracy?

*Runs off to buy more Charlotte Tilbury make up*

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