REVIEW: Charles Worthington Colour Revive Mousse, Clear

Charles Worthington Colour Revive Mousse

A few years ago I regularly used a hair glossing product by John Frieda, called Clear Shine Glaze. It came in a huge bottle and was a thick, opaque liquid. Admittedly, there was a slight ‘coating’ feel to my hair afterwards, but the payoff – a mirror shine, was worth it. Sadly, I think it’s been discontinued, because I’ve since spotted it on eBay at a ridiculous price.

I love using Charles Worthington’s Moisture Seal Conditioner and Overnight Treatment, so I bought the Colour Revive Mousse, because it sounded like a similar product to the glaze.

Two words – NEVER AGAIN!

Colour Revive temporary leave-in clear gloss mousse. For colour brilliance and a healthy gloss this lightweight foam will give a shine boost to both natural and coloured hair.

  • Boosts all hair shades with luminous shine
  • Refreshes hair colour’s true hues
  • Suitable for colour treated and virgin hair
  • Free from ammonia and parabens


Remove all excess water from freshly washed hair.
Section off hair into four sections and apply 1-2 pumps to each section, depending on hair thickness and length.
Comb through evenly. Do not rinse.
For best results, blow dry into hair.


I followed the instructions to the letter, but because my hair is so fine, I only used 1 pump on each section.

The slightly chemical fragrance is similar to John Frieda’s, which made me hopeful. But this mousse is a leave in product, which rang a few alarm bells because it was really tricky to comb through as it began to dry, you have to really work fast!

There was a lot of pulling and tugging to detangle my hair and blow-drying was impossible. My hair was heavy and stiff, and felt laden down with product. I gave up and washed it out.

I gave the product one more chance, but same thing happened and it would be too time consuming to try again. There’s a lot of product left, so that’s another purchase going back.

I picked mine off the shelf, but if I’d read the reviews online, I would have seen this one, which echoes what happened to me.

Makes my hair claggy and dull. Feels very thick and unmanageable after blow-drying. I have fine, but lots of hair, (me too) I don’t know if this makes a difference.

Sort it out CW as I love your new range of Diamond shampoo and conditioner, which has instant results.

I couldn’t agree more!

There are other shades in the collection and those reviews are more positive, with some quite decent reviews for the violet toning shade, which helps to neutralise brassy tones in grey and blonde hair. The colour washes out after 2-3 shampoos.

Charles Worthington Colour Revive Mousse £5.33 Boots

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