REVIEW: CACI Microlift Personal Facial Toning System: UPDATE

CACI Microlift
UPDATE: 20th January 2015

This CACI Microlift review has been my most popular post (by a long way), to date.

I think it’s because people know the brand and want to see if they can make savings at home because it obviously works. A CACI facial treatment in a salon produces immediate results, but the cost can add up, because you do need regular sessions to maintain the results.

On the basis of this post and the feedback to CACI, I’ve managed to secure a 10% discount for the CACI Microlift, making it now £314.10. Or, you can use the discount code against the CACI with Amino Peptide Cream package, making it £345.60.

This is an update to the CACI Microlift Under Review article
CACI Microlift
Results of 4 week trial

Ease of use
The Microlift is very easy to use, it’s simply  a matter of selecting either the Toning (handset open) or Wrinkles (handset closed) programme and the level of intensity, low, medium or high. It will however, take a lot longer than the stated 10 minutes to complete both programmes.

Picture 8

The Microlift does come with a detailed instruction sheet, however, I found the online tutorials using a real person rather than a diagram of a face with red and blue dots, easier to follow.


  • Open the CACI You Tube tutorial on your computer desktop.
  • Open another window to display an illustration of facial muscles.

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  • Use a small pedestal mirror to make sure your placement of the probes is accurate.
  • Have 4 cotton wool buds ready (cut the buds off one end of each one) to replace the serum filled buds when they wear down.
  • Also have handy, a shallow container of water to dip the tips of the buds into to keep them moist.
  • I thought I could use eye creams on my ear buds, but the buds should be thoroughly moistened in order to work efficiently. A serum and not a cream, is a better choice, but always use with a little water.

The prep does seem a bit of a faff until you see actual results, then suddenly it becomes as essential as brushing your teeth.

When using the Toning programme, there may be two dots of pink left on your skin from the upper probes when you move to a new stage, these should disappear very quickly. If the dots don’t vanish, then you are pinching or lifting too hard. At no point should it feel uncomfortable.

Be gentle and let the probes ‘glide’ over your skin when performing the movements.

The instructions clearly state that you must not use the High Intensity setting around the eye area, I wasn’t tempted to ignore this advice. The skin around eyes is thin and delicate and the Microlift works on this area the fastest, so  don’t try to rush the results.

Points to remember
I noticed the metallic taste some reviewers have described in my fourth week and only when I used the device around my mouth, it’s not at all unpleasant though.

A strange side effect that I’m not entirely certain is down to the Microlift, is that my eyebrows grew. This could be because, after seeing an initial improvement on the eye area, I concentrated a little more on them and perhaps the current stimulated the follicles? I’m not sure, but they do need to be reshaped!

Don’t use the probes on broken skin. I had a tiny spot under my chin that one of the buds landed on and I felt a slight tingling sensation. I also noticed a rapid white flash when using the Microlift around my eyes, but the manual says this is normal.

Eye area
The biggest, best and most immediate results. For me, this alone would justify the price of the unit. Using the Toning programme, place the upper probes above the eyebrows, keep them stationery and use the lower probes to lift the under eyebrow area up.

Picture 6
This seems to be the easiest area to ‘train’ the muscle to stay ‘lifted.’ It opens up the eye area by raising the eyebrows but not in that spooky, fake Botox way. The skin above and around my eyebrows is lifted and tighter and my eyes are more open.

Picture 7

I’m also very happy with the significant improvement to my right eyelid. I’m very conscious of the lines on the right side of my face and especially the crepiness on my right eyelid (caused by sleeping on my right side for years) but because the eyebrow had been lifted, my eyelid smoothed out and, for the first time in ages, my eyes match!

I did a little experiment at the start of week 4 and only performed the eyebrow technique on one side (my right, of course). It would be accurate to say that I walked around with a Kylie eyebrow for a couple of days and that even today, my right eyebrow is a smidge higher than my left.

Interestingly, it looks as if I’m not to be the only one who sees an immediate improvement.  I read that certain make up artists will sometimes use the Microlift on celebrities before a beauty photo shoot to open up the eye area.

Again, a noticeable change along this area and new firmness using the pinch technique from the Toning programme. The lifting effect is gradual and the first signs of real improvement were only 3 and a half weeks into the trial.

Skin tone
The zig zag action from the Wrinkles programme improved the skin tone on my cheeks. The added bonus is that a smoother skin surface will always look better under foundation. My neck isn’t too bad and has never been a major concern of mine, but the same technique definitely tightened it up and the slight crepiness that was threatening to branch out has improved.

What I didn’t see
I did not see a significant change to lines (especially at the side of my eyes, the crows feet area) after using the Wrinkle programme. I don’t know if this was because I should’ve trialled the device for longer (give it back!) or because I could not, even after 4 weeks, get to grips with the ‘Release’ technique. This is where you use both hands to hold the prongs in place and slowly open then and hold until the beeps speed up and count you down. In theory, this should be the easiest one of the techniques to master, but the probes either slid off course or opened jaggardly, plus it was uncomfortable twisting my arms into position. This could be more my fault than the gadget, it just felt like a very unnatural and awkward movement to perform.

There was no discernible change to fine lines on my forehead (though that’s what an eyebrow skimming fringe is for) or sadly, the horizontal line between my eyes – I was told yesterday that only a needle of Botox will fix that particular problem.

Studies have shown that women notice the first signs of ageing around their eyes. Eyebrows lower, upper eyelids droop and loss of volume can create excess skin. From my trial, I believe that the CACI Microlift’s main strength is in its toning programme, the effects on the eye area are immediate and significant. The eyebrows are lifted, eyelid crepiness is vastly diminished and the eyes are opened up.

If eyes are one of your main areas of concern about ageing, then the CACI Microlift Personal Facial Toning System is a viable investment. It will also, over time, improve the appearance of jowls and firm up your jaw line.

The CACI Microlift Personal Facial Toning System £349.99 is supplied with the following items:

In the box
CACI Microlift (Handset) Charging Station
Mains Charger Lead
2 x AAA 3.7v Li-Ion rechargeable 300 mAh batteries
1 box of Electro Buds (Qty 100)
User Guide
Treatment Guide
Includes 12 months warranty
CACI SHOP Quote UNFADING10 for 10% discount
More reading: Articles on the benefit of Microcurrent technology by The International Dermal Institute  and  Youthful You


  1. July 24, 2013 / 11:11 pm

    Hi Nicole,
    The Microlift would definitely work on your jowls, although you’d need to commit and use the gadget on a regular basis – that would be the ‘pinch’ technique, easy to master.
    The 11s between your eye might not be so successful, it’s a different technique (release and slide), that took me ages to grips with.
    However, the good news is that CACI offer stand alone ‘Jowl Lift’ salon treatments. Instead of two little prongs, they use 4 huge ones. I’m going to look into this more for the website. I think a course of salon treatments with a trained professional would really be beneficial.
    Jowls are a real pain though, they’re not only caused by loss of muscle tone from natural ageing, but can also appear as a result of smoking, sleeping position (never on your side!) and gaining and losing weight too quickly.
    In the meantime, for a quick fix, check out my ‘Contour Magic’ article reviewing ‘NYX Powder Blush in PB11 Taupe’ an amazing shade that mimics the colour of natural shadow. Takes a bit of practise, get it right and a light dab along the jowl area will ‘hide’ them a bit, get it wrong and you could end up looking like Desperate Dan.
    I’ll get back to you on the Jowl Lift salon treatments – something I’m very interested in as well.

  2. Deb Cobb
    November 30, 2018 / 9:28 am

    After the initial 12 treatments over 4 weeks, realistically how many buds are used per treatment and how many treatments per week or month after those first 12?

  3. December 3, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Hi Deb,

    You use the buds until they’re ‘worn down’ to the stem and feel uncomfortable, it depends on the pressure you use per treatment area, I used more on the eye area, BUT – you can use regular cotton ear buds as long as they are moistened, you do not need to keep buying the serum filled buds.

    Johnson’s blue plastic stem ear buds lasted for ages, but they’ve now changed them for paper stems so they won’t be as sturdy.

    Sadly, I had to give my CACI back. But you should get away with 2 treatments a week to maintain. As long as treatments are regular (and that commitment is really the hard bit), you will continue to see improvement.

  4. Amy-Lou
    February 5, 2019 / 6:02 pm

    The paper ones will conduct the current more effectively than the plastic ones, as they will absorb and hold onto more water when you moisten them. If they are inserted so the bud part just sticks out of the probe they are sturdy. Just be careful not to touch the skin with the metal of the probe.

    • unfadedbeauty
      February 6, 2019 / 10:15 pm

      Hi Amy-Lou,
      Thanks so much for commenting. I didn’t know this at all and it is really useful information.
      It makes sense when you think about it – which I didn’t.
      I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m finding the paper buds are much sturdier now. Johnsons have either strengthened them, or I’m not so heavy handed!

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