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BY TERRY Brightening CC Serum



‘Keep an open mind’ is the lesson for today.

Way back in July last year, I bought the first Lydia Millen Cult Beauty Box. Lydia Millen Cult Beauty Box

This was a great value buy for me, a good mix of old favourites and products I’ve always wanted to try.

I’m still working my way through them:

Indie Lee Toner
Gorgeous to use, no stinging or redness on my sensitive skin, and skin feels super soft to the touch afterwards.

Omorovicza Foam Cleanser
I’ve used this before – in smaller tubes from ‘value’ sets, because there’s no way on earth I would spend £52.00 on 150ml of cleanser. Previously, I found my skin felt so tight afterwards, I’d have to slather it in moisturiser. This time though, (what’s changed, the formula, or my skin?) it left my skin feeling clean, but still hydrated. The fresh, spa like fragrance is beautiful and makes cleansing your face feel like a full on luxury experience.

Alpha H
A much-loved favourite, an exfoliating toner you leave on overnight, this was used up first.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil
I’ve only recently cracked this one open, so I need more time to assess it properly. The strong, slightly synthetic fragrance is over-bearing, the oily texture never properly sinks into skin and I find it melts into my hair-line and makes it greasy. Let’s call it a work in progress.

Tata Harper Moisturiser
Not sure. You think it gives off a subtle glow, then you catch yourself in a certain light and it looks very obvious and almost glittery and too pink.

But, out of all the products, the BY TERRY serum was the one I was least excited about, in fact, I said:

I’ll give the By Terry Brightening Serum a try as well, but I think my skin’s shiny, sorry glowy, enough already.

How wrong I was!

Targeted towards all those concerned with dulled, dehydrated complexions in need of a radiance boost, By Terry’s Cellularose Brightening CC Serum creates a subtle veil of light-reflective pearl pigments, to blur the visibility of imperfections and create a more even-toned, radiant canvas.

With ‘colour control’ technology, this innovative silky serum corrects uneven tone – neutralising redness and disguising dark spots to restore uniformity – while white rose native cells, coupled with a micro-exfoliating agent combine to gradually lighten pigmentation patches and help prevent development of new dark spots or freckles.

Beautiful worn alone on ‘good skin’ days, this can also be mixed with foundation to create a flawless, lit-from-within finish.


Use the fingertips apply to the contours of the face and blend into the skin with circular motions.


I don’t know what made me first begin to use this wonder serum, but I dabbed a few tiny dots at the side of my face and blended them together gently before using foundation over the top. I read long ago that you should try to keep the outline of your face a lighter shade than the middle because – well, I can’t remember why, but it’s definitely more flattering.

The lovely, natural rose fragrance – not needed in a face serum, but very much appreciated, lingers in the bottle until the last drop is used up.

I gradually started to apply the serum to the rest of my face, avoiding my nose (of course, who wants a shiny nose?) and any areas where highlighter would normally be applied, ie temples etc. I know this is the opposite of how most people would use this, but my skin is mature and I don’t do highlighter, I just want the promised brightness and this serum absolutely delivers.

I wasn’t tempted to mix the serum with my foundation (that’s still a glow too far) and I didn’t see gradually lightening of pigmentation during the 5 mouths I was using it.

The main reason I loved using this product is because, when applied along with Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly (review here) on moisturised skin, I could go out with only those two products on my face. Painterly covered up redness and age related/sun damage blemishes and Apricot Glow evened out the rest of my skin tone. To me that’s the same as going out without make-up.

Obviously, I wouldn’t go out on the town or to work like that, but a 2 minute face is needed every now and then, not just to face the world in a hurry, but to make yourself feel better. Make up can be a comfort blanket when you’re looking tired or feeling ill, this magic combination fixes that.

I applied two scant pumps at first, then, when I could see it was running down fast, just one. The bottle is now empty and I’m at the ‘store it upside down so whatever’s left will trickle down’ stage.

The shade of serum I chose was Apricot Glow, but the serum comes in four shades:

  • Immaculate Light
  • Rose Elixir
  • Apricot Glow
  • Sunny FlashMac Paint Pot comes in seven shades, but only Painterly is a matt shade.


The serum is £61.00 for 30ml. I NEED it, but that’s a horrible price. My bottle lasted 5 months, but at the beginning I was only using tiny dots of product. I wonder if using two pumps 5 days a week would  mean the bottle would only last 3-4 months?


AllBeauty sell BY TERRY products! I didn’t realise this. They sell all 4 shades (yes, even the elusive Immaculate Light – which looks oddly insipid and murky) from between £46.95 to £51.85.

Not a huge saving granted, but it takes the sting out of it a little.


AllBeauty sell a limited edition of the serum for £25.95 called No 100 Gem Glow during Christmas.

It was a special Christmas Edition, but at this price, I’ll take it! (will report back)

Cellularose Brightening CC Serum Limited Edition

BY TERRY Brightening CC Serum 30ml £61.00 Cult Beauty

UPDATE 25th April 2019

The Gem Glow Serum arrived yesterday and I can confirm it is NOT Apricot Glow – or any of the other shades, but a new one – a nude toned pink shade.

When I first tried it, I thought oh-oh, I’ve made a mistake here, I’m pink enough already and are the light reflecting particles a bit too glittery (ie Christmassy) on me?

The answer is yes and no. Worn on its own, it IS a bit too sparkly, but, layering Mac Paint Pot Painterly over it kills the sparkle and brightens skin.

However, you cannot apply it anywhere near your eyes, or any parts of your face with fine lines because it will just emphasise them.

Younger readers, go for it, it will look absolutely amazing on you!

I’m glad I didn’t pay the full price for it. But AllBeauty * have three classic shades in mini bottles:

No 2 Rose Elixir 13ml
No 3 Apricot Glow 13ml
No 4 Sunny Flash 13ml

in Christmas packaging for £24.95 which I’m going to buy as I’m stocking up on my perfume, Michael Kors Glam Jasmine – I paid £63 for a 50ml bottle on holiday and AllBeauty sell 100ml for £49.95.

I do believe in this brightening serum and hope all these bottles will last a good while. Plus, I’ll get to road test the other two shades. Maybe the Rose one for winter and Sunny Flash for summer?

UPDATE – LATEST PRICES (23rd May 2020)

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum

No 1 Immaculate Light 30ml – Lifts porcelain complexions by controlling blotchiness and enhancing radiance £47.10
No 2 Rose Elixir 30ml – Neutralises washed-out, ashy tones with brightening, pink-toned particles £48.80
No 3 Apricot Glow 30ml £49.95 A flattering shade that suits fair to warm, medium skin tones (popular shade) £49.95
No 4 Sunny Flash 30ml – A beautiful, bronze-toned colour to unify darker skin tones or grant paler complexions a sun-kissed glow (the one the beauty gurus rave about) £49.95

AllBeauty selection here *

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