REVIEW: Botanics All Bright Eye Soothing Eye Make Up Remover (Budget Buy)

Boots Botanics All Bright Soothing Eye Make Up Remover

Botanics All Bright Eye Soothing Eye Make Up Remover was recommended to me a (long) while ago and I’ve just got around to trying it out. I was told that it’s one of the best yet cheapest, eye make up removers around and ideal for sensitive eyes.

This remover is a ‘bi-phase’ formula which means that it contains two different liquids, one of which is usually oil based and the other water based. You mix them together by shaking the bottle to activate the formula.


Shake bottle vigorously. Apply to a cotton wool pad and gently massage over closed eye in sweeping movements.

  1. The aqueous phase is given its colour by hibiscus, and helps to soothe the eye area and condition lashes.
  2. The clear oil phase effectively sweeps away impurities and make up, including waterproof formulations.

This is a bit of a funny one though as there are a lot of negative reviews. The problem seems to be that Boots have glammed up the packaging and messed about with the formula (WHY do companies do this?) and for a lot of women, it now no longer works half as well as the original formulation.

Out of 69 reviews, 9 people have awarded the product 5 stars and a whooping 47 have given it just 1 angry star.


One thing to remember when reading reviews, especially on company websites, is that some brands are not above planting positive reviews to counteract bad ones. By the same token, other brands will post negative reviews about rival products. Read enough reviews and you will eventually get a ‘feel’ for genuine ones. I’m not saying this is true for Boots website (or any other mentioned on here), but it is something to bear in mind.


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


This product comes in two layers, one water based and one oil based, and you shake the bottle before use to mix it all up. This in theory is a good idea as the water based layer will remove things like eye shadow, whilst the oil based layer will remove things like waterproof mascara.

First thing I notice is that you end up getting a lot of this product on your cotton pad/ball because of how wide the opening in the bottle is. Then I use it on my face. It’s not bad at actually removing the makeup, although a little rubbing is required especially for heavy mascara.

The main problems come afterwards. This product leaves a horrible oily residue on your skin and also made my eyes sting and water a little. Not only that but after a week or so of trying it out my face completely broke out in spots which really wasn’t great.

When the rebranded new formula one arrived I was so pleased and purchased 3. It is dreadful… burns and stings my eyes to such an extent that they were still stinging the following day. All 3 bottles have ended up in the bin. Please change it back to how it was.

I loved loved loved the old one, used it for years. This is like some sort of children’s bubble blowing mixture! It’s slimy and greasy on the eyes for long after unless I use another product and it is very soapy! It bubbles up on application and is really not pleasant at all. Very disappointed! Long story short, I will not be buying or using this again!

I tried to apply as little as possible to a cotton pad but there was still too much, swept it over my eyes and removed the make-up I had on. Within seconds my eyes were burning, I flushed them with cold water repeatedly. I thought it was my fault the first time, so next time I tried with a cotton ball and used less and really held my eyes closed. Stung like mad again, had to flush my eyes again.

The next day my eyes felt really tired (I couldn’t wear any eye make-up the next day). I tired it once more in case I was doing something wrong, no it would seem I was using it correctly, it is just a terrible product. I love the face wipes but I’m throwing this away after I do the video review. So disappointed. Waste of money. DRAMATIC!


I’m so suprised to see how many bad reviews this has! this is like my go-to eye make-up remover, the best budget one I’ve ever used! removes every scrap of eye make-up and I wear a lot of it! it’s on offer a lot too so good value for money.

I have never tried the previous version that other people are talking about. I typically wet a large cotton pad with warm water, ring it out and then shake the bottle adding a few tips of it to the damp pad. This stops the cotton pad absorbing an unnecessary amount of the product and most importantly stops any pulling or dragging on the eye areaGOOD TIP!

I have very sensitive eyes from my contact lens over use and this doesn’t aggravate my eyes in the slightest. This is a much cheaper equivalent to some of the well-known high-end versions which can be ten times the price.

Easy to apply to the eye area, good on my sensitive skin, doesn’t leave an oily residue around the eye area, works incredibly well on waterproof mascara. Hold the cotton wool pad on your closed eyes for about 30 seconds and slowly wipe away. Many eye make up removers leave my skin with a layer of oil, feeling horrible and greasy but this is fantastic!

I really like this and find that it is exactly what the name suggests. I find it breaks down eyelash glue, glitter base and waterproof mascara quickly and effectively. It does leave a slight greasy residue, but I find it to be super moisturising.


Firstly, I’m going to agree with one of the negative comments above, the design of the bottle opening is nuts! This is a liquid, there should be a tiny hole to control the amount that comes out. The way it is, a plain, wide opening, means that it’s too easy to pour too much onto your cotton wool pad. It really is a case of holding the cotton wool pad against the opening and turning over the bottle quickly and then flipping it back again to wet the pad.

However, I put some (too much, it saturated it), on a cotton wool pad, placed it on my eye for about half a minute, swiped it off and ALL my eye make up, including mascara, came off in ONE go!

Because the cotton wool pad was so wet (and I always use good quality ones – Demak ‘Up cotton wools pads if possible, but I can only find them abroad. Cheaper pads can sometimes feel gritty), I turned it over and did the other eye –  same result, all eye make up gone in one swipe.

It did leave my eyes the tiniest bit oily, but I dabbed them with a wet muslin cloth when I was taking the rest of my make up off and they were fine. My eyes weren’t excessively oily, there was no redness, soreness, irritation or anything like that. I am a convert! I’ve used it for over two weeks now and I can’t praise it enough.


Even though it’s a plastic bottle, I just wouldn’t be happy taking it on holiday in case of spillage. I can’t honestly say it was particularly ‘soothing’ either, maybe it was before and that’s why so many people hate the new formulation?


Our eye area is delicate, the skin is thin and thins even more as we age, hence the emergence of fine wrinkles.  We must treat this area with care and gentleness and never ‘drag’ it. I like that you really do not need to rub the eye area to remove eye make up with this product.

It doesn’t hurt either that this is a budget buy that actually delivers. I’m very happy I gave it a chance and didn’t read all the negative reviews first!

Botanics All Bright Eye Soothing Eye Make Up Remover 50ml

Boots £2.89 (was £3.99, but Boots frequently have it on offer)


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