REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Foundation

Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation

Still desperate to find a foundation to replace the new and unimproved Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint, I did (most) of my homework and splashed out £31.00 for a 30ml bottle of Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation in shade Beige.

I read loads of reviews from respected bloggers and watched endless application tutorials. What I didn’t do, was go to a Bobbi Brown counter and try a sample. There was always a queue and I thought, it’s not worth it, I’ll get to the front and they’ll say they’ve ‘just’ run out of sample pots. Although eBay seem to have plenty of 2ml samples in official BB pots selling from £3-6.00… *Arches eyebrow*

I will admit that Bobbi Brown’s customer service when you buy online is impeccable. They included a sample pot and a card to take to their counter with my foundation order. I can’t say I wasn’t given every chance to test if for myself before cracking open the full size bottle and I would’ve had done if it wasn’t for the pesky snow.


A 16-hour wear, full coverage foundation with a natural, multidimensional matte finish that’s comfortable, breathable and weightless.

Let’s go through that again:

A 16-hour wear (MORE LIKE 8), full coverage (MEDIUM) foundation with a natural (NOT REALLY) multidimensional (NO) matte finish (SEMI MATTE, WHICH IS OK) that’s comfortable (YES), breathable (YES-ISH) and weightless (YES).


I really wanted to love this foundation. So many people do, but I can see that the few who don’t get on with it, have the same experience as me. I’m definitely the exception, rather than the rule.

I noticed that it starts to break down in 6-8 hours and look cakey.

I never put on a second layer, as I think it would have looked too mask like.

I found it settled into my lines and pores and started to look cakey as time went on.

I’m not sure I would’ve had 7 days of wear from the little sample pot anyway as it takes a lot of product to do a full face. That’s the problem here, it’s said that for the most natural finish you should only apply foundation on areas where it’s needed. This is impossible with Long-Wear because it’s obvious where it’s been applied, it would look very patchy.

I applied it with a foundation brush (a BB one which actually, I think is too soft), over Bobbi Brown Face Base – which I love, review here. I did a small section at a time because I found it hard to blend; it sets fast, and felt tacky and never completely felt dry.

The faint lavender scent some people mention didn’t bother me or irritate my skin, although, is fragrance necessary for a foundation?

My main problem is that it settled into pores on and around my nose and into lines around my mouth and on my chin – I hadn’t realised I had creases there before! Of course I had to remove it from my nose, but it’s very difficult to take off, at least the term Long-Wear lives up to its name. I was reduced to rubbing hard with a Clarins cleanser to get rid of it, which then made my nose red like a beacon.

I did wear it for 4 days in a row (not on my nose though), and I agree that it did feel weightless and semi-comfortable on my skin – I couldn’t quite shake off that tacky feeling. It didn’t need powdering during the day, I did that once and it moved me into a whole new realm of cakey.

In the end, the mask like appearance and caking was too much. I caught sight of myself a few times and cringed, it was very unnatural looking, but I knew if I tried to remove some of it, it would make things a lot worse. I contacted Bobbi Brown and told them I needed to return it and they were professional and fine about it.

I’ve gone back to Shiseido Synchro Skin, shade Rose 3, which isn’t a bad match for my pale skin, it’s not rosy ie pinky, on me at all. I haven’t reviewed it because it’s not always perfect, coverage wears off after 4 hours and my review would’ve read something like, it’s OK, for now.

If you’re looking for a thorough video review, then I have to point you to the very glamorous Angie from Hot & Flashy. It’s well worth subscribing to her channel anyway.

Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty! She throughly tested it during the day and even though she doesn’t completely slam the foundation, because even Angie admits she looks great in photos when wearing it, I wouldn’t have bought a bottle if I’d seen this video first.

This experience hasn’t put me off Bobbi Brown, there are other cosmetics and skin care products I want to try, but when it comes down to foundation, try before you buy.

Bobbi Brown

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