Looking through the makeup and skincare products I repurchase time and again, it’s always Bobbi Brown that comes out on top.

The brand may not have the sexy/cool vibe of Charlotte Tilbury, but Bobbi Brown products are solid and reliable with a little glamour thrown in.

These three products are the ones I will continue to buy on repeat. Unless of course, they mess about with the formulas. Yeah, I’m looking at you Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint.

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A Bobbi Brown bestseller – primer plus moisturisation for smooth makeup application (it’s the best of both worlds).

Rich in feel, but never greasy, this advanced oil-free face formula, with Shea Butter, instantly hydrates, softens and cushions skin. Normal to oily skin types.


It feels very slippery, almost oily when first applied, and you think this is never going to end up as a matt finish – and actually, it doesn’t. There’s a delicate sheen to skin instead of an ageing, matt flatness. A reviewer said it ‘melts’ into her skin and I agree.

The moisturising properties take care of any dry patches and provide a good base for foundation (note, I’ve only used a liquid one with this primer), glides on smoothly and doesn’t budge all day.

Perhaps it’s not for you if your skin is excessively oily. I found it helped to control my redness a little and gave my skin a little moisture drink. Skin definitely feels softer and hydrated after use.

It works best when left to sink in for 10-15 minutes pre-makeup application.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick

A long-lasting, do-it-all eye shadow that’s a stroke of genius—just swipe and go. This budge-proof formula stays put for 8 hours.

Glides on lids tug-free and can be used to shade, define, smoke up and highlight eyes.


The intense pigment lightens a little as you blend. I use mine in the crease line and I think that’s how most people use Taupe.

Once on, blend fast because Taupe is impossible to shift once in place. I’ve gone out more than once with very dark eyes. Less, smoke, more fog.

But that’s the beauty of this shadow stick, no creasing or travelling across your eyelid. It still looks freshly applied at the end of the day.


A wakeup call for tired eyes—this essential corrector brightens and covers discolouration under the eyes utilising a pink – or peach-based formula to neutralise undereye darkness.

Waterproof, sweat and humidity-resistant, this long-wearing formula boasts a uniquely creamy-smooth texture for perfectly smooth coverage that’s easy to blend and won’t crease.


I have dark inner corner eye areas which have got progressively more noticeable as I’ve got older. Ageing and menopause have combined to thin this already delicate area which shows up the blood vessels underneath, hence the blue or brown colour.

The only thing that covers them up completely is the Bobbi Brown Corrector. I chose the palest of the Peach shades, Pale Porcelain.

The shades in the Bisque (pink) concealer family are for blue/purple darkness and the Peach for brown/grey darkness. There is a decent variety of shades to suit most skin tones.


That said, it’s not all rainbows and kittens. I’ve bought a few questionable products along the way that just didn’t work for me.

  • Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner in shade Scotch – The shade was a dull, muddy brown. The colour faded and transferred to my lower lash line after two hours.
  • Eye Gloss in Beach Nude – It felt like a tacky lip gloss. The stickiness didn’t die down during the day – and it creased, unforgivable.
  • Long-Wear Foundation – BB is strong on foundations for every skin type and colour, but I found Long-Wear missed the mark. On me, it was mask-like and cakey. Bobbi Brown let me return it for a full refund, no questions asked – unlike mistrusting Cult Beauty. They treated me like a master criminal and forced me to send in a video when I wanted to return Ouai Hair Mist. My complaint was genuine. I couldn’t press down the spray button and there was a strange, chemical scent to the mist.


The Bobbi Brown ‘Gift with purchase offer’ is always good value. The luxury sized samples are usually from their bestsellers stable, which is a perfect marketing ploy – give shoppers the chance to try products they know people love and hook them right in.

I received a mini lipstick with one order and was so impressed by the quality, pigment and longevity, I decided I would buy a full-sized one if I found a shade I liked.


This sumptuous formula dramatically boosts moisture levels while intensely rejuvenating lips, keeping them comfortable and conditioned—even after it’s removed.

Intensely rejuvenates lips to visibly reduce the appearance of lip lines with lasting moisture and help relieve lip flaking. Plus, just one swipe delivers maximum-coverage colour.

When Bobbi Brown was at the helm, she was one of the few makeup brands to include makeup shades to suit all skin colours and the brand has continued in this vein.

Also, there’s a useful ‘virtual try-on’ app, best used when you have a full face of makeup.

I’m toying with this beautiful shade, Russian Doll.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour

For those with darker complexions, I give you the shade, Brocade. A bright, more vibrant plum.

Bobbi Brown Brocade Luxe Lip Colour

The forty shade range is stunning. I love how each shade goes up a notch, a subtle jump in tone.
Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour

In the end, I chose these two.

Rose Blossom – A pink rose

Luxe Lip Colour Rose Blossom

Desert Rose – A heather rose

Luxe Lip Colour Desert Rose

Personally, I would have said Rose Blossom is closest to heather rose. It applies ‘bluer’ than Desert Rose.

Rose Blossom Top.

They are both fabulous though, and really live up to the hype. The lipsticks are now £29.00 each, but worth the money because the pigment is so strong and applied with a lip brush, the tube is going to last a long time.

The texture is rich and creamy, lips feel (and stay) hydrated and soft. I thoroughly recommend them. These two particular shades also make teeth look whiter. Check out the online reviews and use the try-on app.

Luxe Lip Colour £29.00 (Ouch! The price went up by a pound since I bought them)  BOBBI BROWN *

*Affiliate link


I don’t know how I didn’t spot this before, but Bobbi Brown has brought out Eye Base. A Vitamin Enriched ‘Face Base’ moisturiser and primer for eyes. The price tag is a little hefty at £34.00 for 15ml but the reviews look very positive.

I want to buy it, but it’s a shame I placed a big order a couple of weeks ago, well, not big, but expensive. Lockdown has taught me to buy only what I truly need and not be wasteful.

Although, I do need this.

*Whacks out credit card*

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