I love a night-time beauty treatment. I find there’s never enough time in the morning to let the product absorb, and then I fret that whatever I use will make me look shiny later in the day.

Skin cell rejuvenation is faster at night and active ingredients in skin care products are able to work more efficiently. This is because there’s no layer of smothering foundation or SPF on top; you’re not at risk from daytime environmental factors and the big one, you’re not touching your face! Every time fingers touch your face, you’re introducing bacteria.

BABOR is Germany’s number one professional luxury skin care brand and they were the first company to develop highly active ingredients sealed in glass ampoules.

They now offer a variety of ampoules to cover all types of skin concerns:

  • Moist & Lipid: Moisturises and builds up the skin’s barriers
  • Anti-Ageing: Supports elasticity and radiance, and reduces wrinkles
  • Pure: Helps to combat blemished skin
  • Sensitive: Calms sensitive skin

I’ve been trialling the Anti-Ageing Active Night Fluid.

Ingredients found in this ampoule work on our skin while we sleep to regenerate and intensively nourish it. When we rest, our skin springs into action and helps to protect against daily environmental stressors.

Sleep when combined with Active Night Ampoules, helps skin to appear fresh, plump and rosy by morning.


Black Algae – To regenerate the skin dermis.
Black Truffle Extract – To strengthen natural collagen production.
Black Willow Extract – To increase cell turnover and skin renewal.


Shake the ampoule and wrap a tissue around its neck. Hold the ampoule firmly, and with a sharp movement, snap it open at the lower, coloured ring.

Alternatively, use the enclosed ampoule opener.  This is a long, hard plastic collar you place over the ampoule point to allow you to safely snap open the vial.

Pour the fluid into the palm of your hand and smooth evenly over the face, neck and décolleté.

Pat gently into the skin before applying a moisturising cream.


The consistency of this serum is fairly thin, almost like water, so a little goes a long way. There’s more than enough for two generous applications, although this is not advised because the idea of the glass ampoule is to keep the active ingredients fresh. However, I was a bit naughty and ‘doubled up’ by pouring half a vial into a (new, of course) small amber glass bottle with a screw top lid. These are really useful little bottles you can buy from any online aromatherapy shop for about 35p.

After application, using a dabbing/spreading motion, I allow the serum to fully dry and absorb into the skin. I then apply moisturiser on top to help ‘lock in’ the serum. When layering skin care products, apply the product with the thinnest consistency first.

The moisturiser I used was a sample from Feel Unique’s ‘Pick n Mix’ selection, Emma Hardie Moisture (Super) Boost Vit+ C Cream. This is a very rich cream – the scent of the moringa extract is very cloying. I limit use to twice a week. Regularly applying a rich moisturiser at night can slow down sebum (oil) production and may even leave skin feeling dry.

When I first used the cream over the serum, it turned ‘milky’ on my skin, so now I gently pat it on and wait for it to dry which takes ages – at least a good 15 minutes, it feels sticky too, before it properly sinks in.

However, the combination of the Active Night Fluid and the Emma Hardie moisturiser was magical. I know it’s a night-time treatment, but skin plumps up and glows instantly. I would even go as far as saying that you could go out without make up, skin looks that good.

Having said that, I did use the moisturiser on its own and my face went blotchy and pink, it’s really powerful, but needs a good serum underneath to really work.

Skin in the morning is smooth, plumped up and glowy and that’s from using half the bottle.

I’m forever cautious about applying products to my neck, but I did a patch test which turned out fine, and applied the serum to the central part of my neck – that ‘tricky’ area that gives away the age of even the most smooth-faced celebrity.

I gently tapped a little light moisturiser on top. I was very pleased with the smoother appearance of my neck in the morning, although I am now toying with the idea of using the Night Fluid during the day to achieve that same smoothness for a special occasion.

BABOR AMPOULE CONCENTRATES FP Active Night Fluid 7 x 2ml Ampoules (14ml) £33.00 BABOR

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