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How refreshing it is to recommend a very reasonably priced skincare product that’s equally as effective as the product it was ‘inspired’ by.

ALDI has a growing reputation for duping best-selling beauty favourites that are uncannily similar to the original. I’m not talking about the clever almost duplicate packaging that tricks the eye (that’s a just marketing ploy) but the ingredients.

Their beauty promotions are usually limited though. I always seem to just miss out, as was the case with their Ebony Rose Face Mask – an obvious dupe for Sisley-Paris Black Rose Mask which I can’t recommend highly enough and always buy through AllBeauty * when there’s a price drop.

ALDI’s Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil is their take on the much-loved PIXI Rose Oil Blend.

I’m finally reviewing this because not only have I gone through a couple of bottles but because it is now a permanent fixture in the Lacura lineup.


Upgrade your beauty routine with this Lacura Rose Facial Oil. It’s the perfect way to moisturise sensitive skin and bring some additional luxury to your process. This delicate oil will leave you smelling and feeling incredible.

For use daily, AM and PM.


After cleansing and toning your face, massage 2 or 3 drops into the skin, or add 1 or 2 drops to your moisturiser before applying for extra hydration.

Suitable for sensitive skin.


I like that they’re not claiming it’s anything more than a moisturising facial oil. There’s no mention of antioxidants or anti-ageing benefits through the inclusion of Punica Granatum Seed Oil aka pomegranate seed oil (in a higher concentration than PIXI, I might add), is known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties.

Comparing the ingredient lists, the two oils have a whacking eight ingredients in common. Admittedly, Lacura has a lower percentage of the extremely expensive Rosa Damascena Flower Oil (rose oil) and also has fragrance in the form of citronellol which has a rose scent, but it’s a truly excellent alternative and delivers soft, moisturised skin.

Facial oils aren’t for everyone, but I think they’re essential in the colder months to supplement our skincare regime when skin craves extra moisture.

Similar to Pixi’s Rose Oil Blend, this oil not only smells delicious and natural but sinks in immediately with no oily residue although that does mean there’s no slip for a self-face massage. I wasn’t even a fan of facial oils until I got older and my skin became less oily and more parched.

PIXI’s oil does the same and both of them give skin a subtle glow, though I’ve never known anything to perk and pink up skin quite like Sisley-Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil 25ml (£163.00 most places online, but down to £115.00 at AllBeauty * (price on 21/2/22). You’ll never find a dupe for Black Rose. 

You can mix Lacura facial oil with moisturiser or apply a standalone moisturiser first (which I do) and pat two drops – no more, on top to ‘seal it in’ and help prevent moisture loss, it’s light but still potent. My sensitive skin hasn’t experienced any breakouts with this oil which can happen with botanicals. Give it ten minutes to ‘dry’ before applying sunscreen on top.

I also put a couple of drops on the backs of my hands as they’re always red and raw-looking nowadays from constant hand washing and copious use of antibacterial hand gel and on my shins in the mornings to combat old lady shin dryness.

I still love the PIXI Rose Oil Blend, it’s an excellent product as is the iconic PIXI Glow Tonic, even Lacura couldn’t come up with a viable alternative to that, I know this because I tried their version and there’s no comparison.

If you’re not allergic to the perfume in Lacura, then it’s a genuine, versatile and of course cheaper alternative to PIXI.

ALDI are also copying paying homage to the Drunk Elephant brand with looky likey products. I can’t comment because I haven’t used them as of yet, but I do use Lacura Original Hot Cloth Cleanser £3.99 inspired by Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I don’t use it to remove eye makeup but for the rest of my face, it’s absolutely fine.


Lacura Rose Facial Oil Moisturiser 25ml £3.99 ALDI
Only available online, with £2.95 delivery. Delivery is free on orders over £30.00. I was limited to four bottles when I ordered them last year.

Pixi Rose Oil Blend 30ml Look Fantastic * £23.40 (from £26.00 on 21/1/22)

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Sisley-Paris Black Rose Mask

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