REVIEW 3D SkinLift from Ultraformer by EF MEDISPA


It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Would I like to go to EF MediSpa in St. John’s Wood to trial the 3D SkinLift from Ultraformer? Oh, yes please!

This non-invasive skin lifting treatment is designed to tighten and lift the face, jaw and neck. This treatment is also suitable for problem areas on the body where loss of muscle tone is a problem ie thighs and stomach. It’s proving very popular among yummy mummies with hard to shift tummies.

EF MediSpa was founded by Esther Fieldgrass in 2006. 10 years on, this chain of medical spa clinics has won countless awards and has been recognised as one of the leading clinics in the UK. If there’s a new and innovative procedure launched, then Esther’s on it. With a generous annual budget she’s able to offer these treatments in her clinics, but only after extensive trialling and Esther’s always first in line!

Training, Esther told me, is key to the success of EF MediSpa. There’s a rolling 3 month training rota to ensure everyone’s up to date in their area of expertise to make their clients feel comfortable and confident.


This non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatment uses state of the art technology to deliver focused ultrasound energy to heat targeted problem areas. It’s able to tighten deep muscle tissue and stimulate collagen without injuring the surface of the skin.


It’s actually quite a simple procedure. After my skin was thoroughly cleansed, Christina drew a ‘graph’ on my face as a guide for the cartridges.

Ultrasound gel was then applied and she went over each area with the device. We chatted away all through the treatment, nervous chatter from me at first because I had to know exactly what Christina was doing and when, but as I relaxed, we talked about everything, so I think there were 6 ‘full passes’ in total over my face and neck.

Cartridge depth sizes and frequencies are adapted to specific areas of the face and neck – this is where the training kicks in!


I can describe exactly how it feels – tiny slaps, almost mini pinches, from what sounds like a mini photocopier machine. I defy anyone who’s experienced this procedure to disagree with that description!

Admittedly, it was slightly uncomfortable at times, we even found out together that one side of my face is more sensitive than the other, and the treatment was adjusted accordingly. There was never a feeling of heat on my face at any point because the treatment works on the lower layers


This is so important and it completes the treatment which can feel a little tiring, because there’s no falling asleep with this one. After a gentle face massage, Christina applied a customised face mask (cucumber mixed with cherry bark) to cool and soothe my skin.

My skin is super sensitive so I was convinced my face would be puffy and red, but it wasn’t at all, just a normal healthy pink. So that I wouldn’t go out with a ‘naked’ face, Christina brushed on mineral foundation – Sun Kissed, from the Youngblood brand which I might have to look into, mineral make up usually highlights my pores but this one was very flattering and natural looking.


None! There really is no downtime to this procedure, you can get on with your day as normal.


I could see immediate lifting results along my jaw line – ooh those jowly bits, so very nearly gone; on my neck – especially the central part, although the cartridge didn’t pass over the central section of my throat, but at each side; the upper face – around my cheekbones and the area around my eyes and upper eyelids.

Really though, it’s really how others react that tell the real story. The first thing that Mark said when I met him outside was that my eyes looked young again (which made me happy and sad, if you know what I mean). I get it though, I don’t have to fake a crease when I’m doing my eye make up as my eyes are more open now.


There’s a new firmness to my face and for someone with such sensitive skin, I didn’t break out, which was something I was fully anticipating.

What I did experience though, was a definite feeling that my face had experienced a mini workout. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it did feel as if I’d had a vigorous facial massage by a Russian shot putter.


My face is still firming up and two tiny yellow bruises appeared at the base of my neck which disappeared after a week.


The 3D SkinLift by Transformer has been likened to a facelift (or tummy tuck) without the need for surgery and with zero downtime.

A traditional facelift is performed under local or general anesthesia. Incisions are made along the hairline or in front of the ears. Fatty tissue and excess skin is removed, muscles are tightened and skin is pulled up and the incisions are closed with fine sutures or clips. Downtime, which includes swelling and (hopefully) mild discomfort, is generally between 3 and 5 days.

There’s no doubt that when performed with skill by a reputable surgeon, a face or brow lift is an amazing surgery. I’ve seen results close up, the years are literally rolled back. Let’s face it, who of us over 40 haven’t looked in the mirror and pulled up the skin to see what we’d look like if we’d had a facelift?

The problem with a facelift is that it’s surgery and all surgery carries a risk, never mind the recovery time. So the 3D SkinLift is not a facelift, but it does lift the face without any of the complexities of a facelift. By stimulating production of your body’s natural collagen, it ‘fills in’ that loose, sagging skin, which is where the tightening and lifting effect comes into play.


Because of these results, I feel that 3 treatments would completely lift my jowls like a face-lift and maybe only 2 treatments on my neck to eliminate all crepiness.

The price is £800 a session. With a recommended course of 3-4 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart, it’s not even close to the price of a face-lift. The results should last a year.

This is the treatment you want to commit to if you’re thinking of a face (or body) lifting and tightening procedure without surgery.


3D SkinLift by Ultrformer at EF MediSpa


EF MediSpa offer everything from skin care, face and body treatments, ranging from non-invasive and minimally invasive solutions right through to surgical options.

They have clinics in St. John’s Wood, Kensington, Chelsea, Canary Wharf and a recently launched MediSpa in Bristol.


EF MediSpa


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