REVIEW: 3 More Inches Pre-wash Treatment

Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Pre-wash Treatment

Michael Van Clarke’s ‘3 More Inches’ is an anti-ageing hair range with products specially formulated to promote ‘younger-looking’ hair.

Heat styling products, colouring and the environment all take their toll on our hair, add to that the natural ageing process which slows down hair growth and the onslaught of menopause and it’s no wonder our crowning glory ends up taking a bit of a beating.

The Pre-wash Treatment is part of the 3 More Inches system. The key ingredients in 3 More Inches include a very fine cashmere protein, which is almost identical to human hair, and a unique blend of conditioning agents.
Mimicking the molecules of human hair, it penetrates deeply into the hair-shaft to plug some of the gaps in the structure, enabling the hair to retain more moisture and in so doing slow down the loss of further bonds and hence the ageing process.
With regular use you get to keep more of your own hair, as it doesn’t break down so quickly. Most other treatments address condition on the surface only, by trying to smooth down the rough cuticle. This they do either with too heavy molecules, which are not helpful for styling fine to normal hair, or with silicones, which shrink-wrap the surface like cling film, but feed no goodness into the hair-shaft.
Silicone is OK as a cosmetic fix now and then, but adds no health benefits, and moreover by displacing moisture can age the hair quicker. Consumers are starting to recognise that overuse of silicone laden products can make their hair more brittle.


For best results, use this treatment every second wash. Apply to dry hair from root to tip, leaving to soak for an hour. Rinse it off and then wash and condition. Or apply a few hours before bedtime and leave overnight, washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner the next morning.


Obviously hair isn’t going to grow immediately, instead of pretending to make hair better with silicone products, it’s a more natural way of re-nourishing the hair…I love it, my hair’s always been so frizzy, after 3 months of using it I finally have the confidence to wear it down (it’s longer and softer!)…the bottle hasn’t even run out yet!

I have been looking for a good deep conditioning product for ages and I think this product really makes a difference. I have used this along with the shampoo and conditioner for a couple of months and the ends of my hair definitely look healthier and thicker. I sleep with this on overnight to get the most out of it. I would definitely recommend!

After bleaching my hair to death and it all falling out, it had taken 4 years to grow hardly at all. I thought I may as well try this! Been using it for 6 months, usually a day or two after I dye my hair (which is every 2 weeks). Noticed a massive improvement in growth speed.
It’s not a miracle worker by any means, but my hair was so fragile and dry before from overdoing it. (I have also stopped using hair straighteners daily which has helped it). But now my hair feels lovely and soft, even my hairdresser said it’s in the best condition it has been in a long time.

It doesn’t make your hair grow if your under that impression, but it makes it stronger and healthier, so whilst it’s growing, the ends (they get fewer nutrients from the body), don’t split and snap off, so you retain length and it’s able to have a chance at getting longer, and leaves it soft and shiny.


There’s a huge range of 3 More Inches products (oops, just spotted the travel packs), my top picks would be:

The award-winning Magic Oil  – “All the benefits of Moroccan Oil, but without the damaging effects of silicone.”

Life-Saver Spray – A leave-in conditioner.

A Hair and Nail Supplement “…containing copper to aid hair pigmentation.”  – That’s something I’ve not seen before.


I always leave this treatment on overnight. I apply the product about two-thirds down – with only a tiny bit at the roots (that’s just my preference). I use about 8 pumps and comb through to the ends, with a couple of extra pumps on the very ends. Hair does feel a little ‘wet’ for about an hour until the product’s absorbed, but it dries enough to sleep on without any dampness.

Hair is insanely wavy in the morning, and actually, if you like that level of curl, you could leave it like that for the day. In the bottle, the scent is faintly medicinal, but when dry, there’s no scent to it at all.

Of course, now I’m trying to wean myself off using the treatment every second wash, moving to every third wash in case my hair gets too used to it. I love my hair after using this the night before. I still want the cumulative, nourishing effect, so I will continue to use it regularly.


I wasn’t sure what this pre-wash treatment was doing for my hair until I stopped using it for a couple of weeks. I was going on holiday and tried to decant it into a travel bottle (the 500ml bottle is of course, huge), but the conditioner is so thick, it just wouldn’t pour, grr!

That’s the thing with this treatment when you don’t use it, you realise your hair doesn’t ‘feel’ the same. The hair’s texture is different after using this product the night before. It doesn’t leave a greasy film or anything on the hair, but there is a tangible difference. It’s definitely leaving something on the hair, almost as if there’s a coating around the strands.

The effect is accumulative, the longer you use it, the stronger and more conditioned your hair will be. The last review above is spot on, the ends of the hair receive fewer nutrients from the body and this conditioner feeds them, which hopefully, means you need less snipped off each time. To me, that’s what “3 More Inches” means.

The ends of my hair tend to go straggly, so I have them blunt cut. Usually, the ‘fullness’ of the ends tend to peter out after a couple of weeks, but since using this pre-wash treatment they’re good for the next haircut.

I’ve had this bottle for 6 weeks and I’ve used up just under a third of it so far. I’ll update this review when the bottle is finished, I’m expecting great things!
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