Rejuvenate Face Oil by Absolute Aromas

Rejuvenate Face Oil Absolute Aromas

Founded 18 years ago by David Tomlinson, Absolute Aromas’ essential oils are sourced from all over the world from controlled, sustainable origins that have little or no negative impact on the environment.

Lavender from France; Scotch Pine from Siberia; precious Rose Otto from Bulgaria; Lemon and Mandarin from Sicily, Melissa from Ireland and – I didn’t know this, Peppermint from the UK.

Acknowledged as the best quality Peppermint available, English Peppermint is at the luxury end of the market. It is a smoother, fuller and more rounded oil than the standard product.

Absolute Aromas not only offer a huge range of essential oils (over 100), but also everything you could ever need for to practise aromatherapy. They also sell to therapists and students with discounted kits on offer for all the main recognised qualifications.

Prices are very reasonable, especially when you read up on how (and where and why), the oils are sourced.

Alongside the aromatherapy products, Absolute Aromas also sell a comprehensive range of accessories for home or business use: 50ml blue glass jar and lid – £1.75; glass stirring rod for mixing the oils – £1.00 (I’ve always wondered where to get these); storage boxes for oils, blending and decoder charts from £3.50; spa music; diffusers – everything!

Absolute Aromas

The newly launched Spa Collection from Absolute Aromas comprises four new oils for the face and four for the body; all hand blended using 100% essential oils.

Spa Collection from Absolute Aromas

  • A blend of chamomile, jasmine, apricot kernel and rosa mosqueta rosehip oil. Created to soothe and strengthen blemished, overheated or otherwise damaged skin.


  • Formulated to purify and balance oily and combination skin. Contains powerful anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that improve the appearance of blemishes.


  • A blend of pure essential oils & rich carrier oil designed to replenish dry and dehydrated skin.

This is the one we’re reviewing.

Rejuvenate facial treatment oil is a revitalising blend that smoothes and uplifts tired skin. It is ideal for anyone looking to reduce and prevent fine lines or wrinkles, for suffers of puffiness and swelling of facial tissue or people needing to smooth areas of scaring and congestion.

This oil also helps to improve the natural elasticity of skin.

A powerful fusion of pure essential oils produced from 100% natural ingredients. Therapeutic and luxurious, but easily absorbed leaving no oily residue.

Spa Collection from Absolute Aromas
After cleansing and toning, massage into the neck and face, apply using smooth upward strokes for a night-time treatment.
Spa Range Facial Treatment Oils 30ml £35.00
P&P on orders under £15.00 is £6.60
FREE P&P on orders over £15.00
Absolute Aromas

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