Ready To Wear Skin Perfection Serum Foundation

Ready To Wear Skin Perfection Serum Foundation

I’ve been veering towards serum based skin care and make up products for a while now. Mature skin has specific needs and for make up, we need a light foundation, but also medium to full coverage to cover high colouring, spider veins and blemishes.

I’m very conscious of my make up looking flat or mask like, so I’m interested in lighter foundation formulas I can build up without it looking heavy and cakey.

New to the UK, but popular in the US, is this serum foundation by Ready to Wear New York Cosmetics has now launched here via Ideal World TV. The range is supported by celebrity cosmetics designer Philippe Chancel, who has worked backstage with the world’s top designers including Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli.

Available in five shades (light, medium, deep medium, medium dark and dark), the product combines the cosmetic science of serums as well as the various benefits of a liquid foundation. With no oil or water, the serum foundation blurs imperfections with soft focus pigments.

Wherever you go, let this multi-tasking makeup help your skin look soft, silky, luminous, and more youthful.

  • Combines the cosmetic science of serums and the benefits of a liquid foundation
  • Formulated to help improve the appearance of fine wrinkles and hydration
  • Contains a state-of-the-art ingredient, the extract from Alaria Esculenta
  • Rich pigments are time released throughout the day
  • Provides continuous and even coverage for many hours while optical diffusers help “blur” skin imperfections
  • Colour pigment in the lower half of the bottle and the serum portion floats on top
  • Oil-free and paraben-free
  • Made in Italy.

Ready To Wear Skin Perfection Serum Foundation


I’ve only been using this for one week, but I like the consistency and how easy it is to use. Don’t have to use very much, but it is buildable.

Just got a nice compliment from a co-worker that said my skin looked great. I chose medium and that is the perfect shade for me.

I love this foundation. You only need a few drops for full coverage, it goes on smooth as silk, and it smells good, too!

Flawless, light serum foundation. Unlike anything I have tried before. A nature and yet airbrushed appearance, and skin that is touchable and soft!

I have very sensitive skin, thus breakout with everything. This is the first foundation that feels great, covers and makes my skin feel awesome. Great product and haven’t had a problem with the bottle.

This is the lightest sheerest foundation that I’ve ever used and even though it’s light the coverage is excellent. It’s exactly what I need.

This is the BEST foundation ever! As an onstage performer, its important to have makeup that gives my skin a professional, smooth, youthful glow & finish. This product does that & more!

Suggestion  – a new colour between the deep medium & medium dark for ethnic skin tones as I have to mix colours. If your colour is available, order several now – it’s well worth the investment!

I just turned 50 and for the FIRST TIME ever I was told wow you don’t look fifty, you have beautiful skin! I just started using this product and will continue.

This foundation is like no other. Great coverage and you only need a couple of drops. Skin appears flawless. Great for 50+.

I have very large pores and usually can’t wear a liquid makeup, however, this one doesn’t accentuate those pores and doesn’t have a heavy, oily feel to it. Love it, feels almost like I don’t have ‘makeup’ on but covers well.

I really like this product I have to say it’s not sticky it’s not greasy and smooth as it goes on very soft and it covers my spots for the wrinkles my age spots it looks and makes me look young I can’t believe it covers the spots on top of my hands.

This has to be the best foundation I have ever used to date. It is light but still covers up imperfections without settling into and/or accentuating lines. It moisturises without a greasy feel or residue.

I’ve had to pass this foundation to a reviewer with a paler skin tone. The ‘Light’ shade, although certainly not a ‘porcelain’ hue, just a beat too light for my colouring. I tried to mix it with my other foundations to darken it a bit, but it didn’t like that all, plus it changed the texture and texture is the huge selling point here.

It is a gorgeous foundation though and I did trial it over Christmas with (fake) tanned skin underneath, which seemed to work nicely colour wise. The rave reviews, mostly from the US, where this foundation has been a best seller for a number of years, are spot on.

The serum part makes it feather light to the touch and it dries to a glowy, barely matt i.e. not shiny, non powdery finish. That is fantastic for older skin, any hint of powder just makes us look old. People talk about a ‘youthful glow’ and that’s just what our skin needs, glow without shine.

In spite of its sheerness, cover starts off light/medium, but can be built up to full coverage without going all cakey. It covers, but doesn’t fill in or signpost pores the way some foundations are liable to do – so important for our mature skin.

However, I think the best-selling point of this foundation is not only how it makes your skin look, but how it makes your skin feel. I have never used a foundation that left my skin feeling so soft, this is obviously down to the serum.

I can’t place the light scent, though I think it’s reminiscent of a certain liquid Estée Lauder foundation. There’s a huge 33ml of product in the unusual glass bottle. Shake the bottle well to well to mix the colour pigment with the serum.

The product is dispensed via a glass pipette – hygienic yes, but also very handy if you want to transfer the foundation into a ‘travel friendly’ sized container.

Apply a few drops at a time as it has a lot of slip and spreads well. Let it dry and build up in thin layers until you achieve your desired coverage.

Ready to Wear Serum Foundation 33ml £24.99 Ideal World TV

The range includes a full face cosmetic set, as well as individual items including foundations, lipsticks, eyeliners and brush set.

Ready to Wear New York Cosmetics
I’ve been trialling the Ready To Wear HydraSkin Hydrating Face Powder Compact in the ‘Light’ shade (thankfully a perfect skin tone match), review to come soon.
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