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Let’s face it, everybody KNOWS RapidLash and RapidBrow work, lashes and brows WILL eventually grow longer and stronger after using the products for a couple of months. But we also know how expensive these products are at £40.00 and £37.00 respectively.

I’ve been using the very reasonably priced L’Oreal Paris Clinically Proven Lash Serum (£14.99 from Boots *) on my brows for a couple of years with a lot of success – click on the image below for my review.

Where have my eyebrows gone?

The thing is, it’s suddenly stopped working and I’m not sure why.

‘Lockdown hair loss’ is a real thing, which I’ve fortunately escaped, but my eyebrows have definitely thinned out, especially towards the tapered ‘tail’ end. Was it the stress of lockdown last year, natural ageing (shudder) or did my brows get used to the L’Oreal product and stopped working, or was it a combination of all three?

Disguising the thinness is one option. I’ve watched YouTube videos where the sparsest of brows are cleverly built up using waxes and pencil, but they always seem to be demonstrated on and by, brunettes. The problem is my brows are very light and anything even slightly heavy always looks too dark and I end up looking a bit sinister.


My favourite ones are:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brow, Taupe (formally ‘Brigitte’) £19.00 John Lewis * A natural-looking volumiser. Comes in four shades, but why oh why, did she discontinue the clear one?
  • Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumising Eyebrow Gel £22.50 Boots * Slightly more heavy-duty than Charlotte’s and comes in 10 shades (so many variants of brown) including grey.
  • Wunder2 Wunderbrow Extra Long-Lasting Eyebrow Gel £22.50 BOOTS * The thickest gel brow builder and the one with the most longevity. I loved it but even the lightest shade came up a little dark on me.

Something that definitely creates an illusion of thicker brows is an eyebrow tint. I’m waiting for my hair to be highlighted (not for another 10 days) before I book in for a tint. I can imagine saying match my hair colour and coming out with the blackest of brows.


I did a post a while ago called Ageing Makeup Mishaps – Thin Eyebrows here and included these famous ladies as examples of natural-looking eyebrows. Although I’m looking at the photos now and think their eyebrows look a teeny bit on the thin side.

It’s funny how times change, how society and social media skews our thinking, our perception of beauty. Recently, I saw a photo of an actress from the late 90s (who I won’t name of course) and was shocked by how shocked I was because she hadn’t had any cosmetic/surgical tweaks and kept her face au natural with real woman wrinkles. I was disappointed in myself for being unconsciously judgemental. I won’t make that mistake again.

Whatever tweaks the women below may or not have had when these photos were taken, they all still look natural. Halle Berry has annoyingly aged backwards though.

Perfect eyebrows

Anyway, I’m back on RapidBrow and fortunately for me – because I’ve never seen it on offer before, Boots have it on a buy one get one free offer today only (15/4/21). That’s £37.00 for two tubes Boots * RapidLash is also on offer today only.

Boots RapidBrow offerCurrentBody also has RapidBrow on offer for £25.00 *

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