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Stainiac in Beauty Queen


This sample is still going strong after 9 weeks, although I will be purchasing a full size one soon. Stainiac is now a make up ‘must have’ for me. Just the right hint of natural colour and not overly drying on the lip. A dab is really all you need, it brings pale lips back to life and behaves nicely under lipstick/gloss without interfering with the colour or texture and also wears fairly evenly. ‘Beauty Queen’ is the best selling suits all colour.  See below for information about the peachy and sheer red shades.


As well as our lips losing their natural plumpness (loss of collagen) as we get older, we can also lose some pigment. Lips become paler, the edges are less defined and the outline tends to blur.

I’m not a fan of lip stains. The colours are usually too dark and nearly all of them tend to turn an unflattering, purple/pink colour on my lips. I was given this tiny sample of theBalm’s Stainiac Lip Stain in the shade called Beauty Queen.

Stainiac Hint of Tint works with all skin tones. Dab just a touch on your cheeks or layer to pop the colour. Stainiac’s water based formula is designed to give you more time before the stain sets. (still sets pretty quickly!)

At first look, I wasn’t keen on the colour, a dark, red berry shade. It looks like a true magenta, which I feel only flatters full lips and pale or dark skin tones. Magenta can also make thin lips look a bit mean.


Therefore, I was surprised when this colour actually turned out to be beautifully sheer on the lips. When applied in a very thin layer (apply a dab to centre of lips and quickly spread out with your finger), it gives a ‘just bitten’ look to your mouth, it’s as if all the blood has rushed to your lips. Layer it on and it does indeed turn that ‘hard to wear’ magenta shade, less is more.


Something to remember when applying this stain, or outlining with a lip pencil, is not to follow the natural lip line right into the corners of your mouth. The evilness that is gravity can sometimes cause the corners of the mouth to droop, so stop just before you reach that point. Use a neutral toned lip pencil to subtly ‘lift’ the edges upwards instead.


Stainiac is nowhere near as drying as a lot of lip stains can be, but it IS dry. One common suggestion to combat this is to use a lip balm underneath. I did try this, but it meant there was a barrier between the stain and my lips and the colour slid off. The best solution to any dryness and if you just want a very natural look, is to use a lip balm on top of Stainiac.


I really like the way the stain puts back pigment into the lips. The colour acts as a strong base for lipstick, it makes lip colours look more vibrant and when the lipstick wears off, will still leave a flattering colour underneath. It lasted about 6 hours on me and faded at the edges first.


This is one of those multi-use products, as well as a lip stain, it can also be used as a cheek tint. I’m not always convinced by cosmetics that claim to be used in several ways, there’s always one application use that’s superior. I’ll stick to using it as a lip stain thanks.

As a cheek colour, it won’t streak but it does spread out very quickly, exact placement is hard to control as it dries so fast. It’s too easy to blend too far, and then being a stain, it’s hard to take off without wiping away all your foundation underneath. Also, the Beauty Queen shade makes cheeks look a little too flushed.

Stainiac - Three shades

This lip stain comes in three shades that are meant to complement all skin tones. As well as Beauty Queen, which seems to be the most popular shade, there’s a ‘peachy’ shade – actually, it looks very much like a full on orange, called Homecoming Queen. I can see how this would really ‘pop’ on dark skin. Older women need to stay away from this colour though as it’s far too ageing.

Stainiac - Homecoming Queen

Prom Queen is a sheer red which appears to blend out to more of a pink shade. This one might make for a more natural looking cheek tint colour.

Stainiac - Prom Queen

I’ve not heard of theBalm Cosmetics Company before. The company is based in San Francisco and the products are made in the USA. The official website theBalm  is working a Benefit vibe with its vintage theme. Incidentally, Beauty Queen is considered to be a less intense dupe of Benefit’s best-selling Benetint…

Stainiac - Beauty QueenREVIEWS:

Beauty Queen is perfect for those who enjoy the oxblood-red color but don’t want to commit to such a bold lipstick (which can be messy and tricky). It also looks lovely on the cheeks. Prom Queen is a more reddish pink color. It is a bit bolder than Beauty Queen on the lips making it perfect for the summer time.

In terms of scent and taste, they are not necessarily the most pleasant. The aloe makes them smell a bit like baby wipes and taste quite bitter. Regardless, the scent and taste are very tolerable and I don’t find them to be a turn-off at all.

This is NOT a pigment – it is a TINT or stain (a true one). it’s not a super-sticky, super-matte, semi-perm “long-lasting” liquid or creme pigment like many lip/cheek stains. it is water-based with a gel-like in texture.

It is just a bit “sticky” when compared to a pure liquid product like Benetint but it “dissolves” into the skin on contact and, in my opinion, is superior to a liquid. there is no streaking.

If you are actually looking for something with high impact color or a strong hue or something with color that can be easily graduated, then you probably want a creme or powder.
Stainiac doesn’t go into “goth” territory.

I have tried a lot of lip stains and this one is by far my favorite, for two main reasons: 1) pigmentation: just enough! it gives noticeable color but not too much. 2) dryness: my lips look soft and healthy, not dry and crepey, unlike other lipstains often do.

I have this in Prom Queen, it’s amazing on cheeks – comes out a flushed pink, less purpley/pink than Benetint.

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