Provoke Liquid Blonde Conditioner

Provoke Liquid Blonde
Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find an inexpensive High Street haircare brand that quietly does its job, minus all the whistles and bows of its more expensive counterparts.

For years now, whenever my highlights go rogue and turn brassy, I reach for Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo. Cheap, easy to find in the supermarket, kills off the orange and is tremendous value for money because I only need to use it a few times.

A few weeks ago, about a month after my hair was highlighted, I noticed it was looking really dull. I couldn’t find old reliable Touch of Silver, so instead grabbed an unopened bottle of Liquid Gold.

I know exactly why I hadn’t opened it.

PRO:VOKE Liquid Blonde Gloss Intensifying Conditioner enhances shine for a the ultimate high gloss finish in just one treatment, enhancing the lustre and depth of caramel, honey and golden blonde hair.

Containing Tamanu Oil, known for repairing and improving shine, this intense conditioner also delivers softening and nourishing care and repair for warm blonde hair.

Gold, caramel, and honey are all shades too closely related to warm and therefore brassy, for my liking. My hair wants to be orange as it’s naturally Strawberry Blonde, but any warmth kills my skin tone and emphasises my rosacea.

I thought I’d try it anyway and surprisingly, it delivered on its promise after the first treatment. It lifted the dullness and gave my hair a gorgeous (non-brassy), not overly golden shine, virtually impossible on blonde hair.


Use weekly after using the Colour Infusion Shampoo (you don’t really have to use the accompanying shampoo, see below), smooth a generous amount onto wet hair. Leave for 3-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Of course, I want to use it all the time now, but I’m limiting myself to once a week as directed.


I’m not going to buy this, solely based on the review below.

I have very light blonde hair and it’s turned my hair a horrible gold/yellow colour (literally the colour of the shampoo). Praying silver shampoo fixes this but please read that this is really for you before buying!


Is Liquid Blonde a hair dye?

No, PRO:VOKE Liquid Blonde is not a hair dye, but a temporary hair colouring shampoo. It contains Golden Blonde pigments which temporarily sit on the surface of the hair, as opposed to permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes which penetrate the hair shaft and ‘lock’ colour inside.

Warm blondes will love the shampoo, but I’m going to stick with the conditioner.

PRO:VOKE Liquid Blonde Gloss Intensifying Conditioner 200ml £4.99 Boots* (Also sold in supermarkets/Superdrug)

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