REVIEW: BABOR HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream

BABOR is Germany’s number one professional luxury skin care brand established in 1956 by Dr. Michael Babor. With the emphasis on research and development, Babor’s scientists have developed unique active ingredient complexes and award-winning… Continue reading

REVIEW Radara Eye Patches

Effective, but non-invasive anti-ageing skin care, is all about how far we can ‘push’ products deeper into our skin to make them work harder and produce better results, instead of having creams and serums merely… Continue reading

REVIEW 3D SkinLift from Ultraformer by EF MEDISPA

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Would I like to go to EF MediSpa in St. John’s Wood to trial the 3D SkinLift from Ultraformer? Oh, yes please! This non-invasive skin lifting… Continue reading

REVIEW Prai Throat & Neck Skincare

Our skin is thinnest around the eyes, on the neck, the chest area (décolletage), and the back of our hands. Because there’s no deep cushion of fat to plump up these areas, they… Continue reading

Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix Free Samples Offer

This is new to me, but it’s very welcome. Feel Unique are offering a free sample service called Pick ‘n’ Mix. You just pay £3.95 for the postage, which you get back as a… Continue reading

REVIEW Remington CB65A45 Keratin Brush Styler

Here’s a funny one. This clunky and slightly weighty, brush styler, doesn’t blow out hot air or rotate.  It’s not the prettiest hair tool either, looking like it was designed in the Fifties and… Continue reading

REPOST: Keep Cool at Night

The downside to the current heat wave in the UK is that the nights are swelteringly hot and sticky. This isn’t the most elegant solution, but it does work. I first did this when… Continue reading

REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner – Crazy in Love

I just KNEW I would love this Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in the Crazy in Love shade when I saw it online. But, knowing how ropey and misleading the swatches are on the… Continue reading

REVIEW Konjac Sponges by Dermotechnic

I’m a little late to the Konjac Sponge party, but for those of you who haven’t heard of this product before, it’s a 100% natural face and body cleansing sponge made from the… Continue reading

TIGHTLINING – Easy ‘eye opener’

I was a bit hazy about ‘tightlining’ myself until last year. Put simply, it means applying eyeliner to the inside upper eyelid. The idea is to define and ‘open up’ the eyes and… Continue reading


You might have heard about the risks of High-Energy Visible Light, HEVL from your optician. Research has shown that this high-frequency light in the violet/blue spectrum can damage the retina and contribute to… Continue reading

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel UPDATE

I’ve only been using this cult-favourite gel blush for a week, so this is very much a ‘first thoughts’ review. The jury is definitely out on this one. PIXI SHEER CHEEK GEL This sheer,… Continue reading

REVIEW Nanogen Hair Treatments

The first thing I should say about this Nanogen range of hair thickening products, is that the brand was recommended to me by trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver. Now, if a trichologist recommends a product…… Continue reading

GIVEAWAY! 6 MONTH SUPPLY of Seven Seas Perfect 7 for Women

This is a lovely prize from an established and much-loved brand, Seven Seas. It’s a 6 month supply of Seven Seas Perfect 7 supplements, specifically formulated for women, with a combination of marine… Continue reading

M & S Summer Beauty Box Offer

Finally, a beauty box worth buying! Heard about this on the radio as I was getting ready this morning and logged on sharpish to see what it was all about. Spend £40.00 at… Continue reading