Green Tea, A Marvel, A Mirror & Me

It nearly killed me to spend a massive £22.00 on a mere 60 ml of product, though I’ve spent a lot more on a face mask, it’s funny what you decide is and isn’t… Continue reading

REVIEW: Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy Cream

Promoted as a ‘chemical peel without the redness & rawness’ Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy cream is a skin resurfacing product. Key ingredients are a trio of acids which are combined in order to… Continue reading


I‘ve always loved face masks. There’s something very appealing about being forced to totally relax for 15 minutes, reading a magazine in the bath and not talking because you literally can’t move your… Continue reading

Glossybox – It’s not me, it’s you.

It’s always sad when a love affair ends. Sure, I’m an older woman and I was paying for his services (£12.95 a month as it happens) but he was so young and eager… Continue reading


Anyone remember Liz from when she had a beauty slot way back when on This Morning? I do and I recall how fresh looking and clean her skin always looked. It’s reassuring to… Continue reading

Best mascara for weak eyelashes ‘DIORSHOW ICONIC MASCARA’

I‘ve never got on with mascara. My eyelashes are horribly short and as I’ve got older (gah!) they’re even more sparse. I’ve been through them all and DiorShow Iconic mascara (the ‘Iconic’ part’s… Continue reading

UPDATED: Boots No 7 Fanomenal Lash Serum

I‘m a sucker for any product that claims to make my sparse, mean little lashes grow ‘thicker, fuller and longer in 8 weeks’ Well, I’m sold (a fool and her money…). Seriously, I’ve seen… Continue reading

Longer, stronger nails (UPDATED)

UPDATED 24th February 2013 Since the ‘horse meat scandal’, I’ve stopped taking sachets of ‘Gelatine’ (gelatin). I’m aware that it’s produced by ‘boiling the connective tissues, bones and skins of animals, usually cows… Continue reading

Hold onto those eyebrows!

It’s a well known fact, eyebrows thin with age.   And when they do grow,  it’s usually just one long, wiry white hair that springs out at a funny angle. My eyebrows aren’t… Continue reading

Puff up the volume

Thinning hair is devastating to a woman.  I had read loads of reviews of Schwarzkopf “got2bPOWDER’ful” so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s like a dry shampoo that fluffs and volumises your… Continue reading

Menopause – Is it hot in here?

First, the good news, according to a report in the ‘Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin’ * up to 70 per cent of menopausal women will experience symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats… Continue reading


After you’ve slapped on your foundation, apply a generous layer of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (not the gel which is horrible) I’m talking about a really thick amount on your lips and… Continue reading


Sometimes you’ve got to give your hair a well earned rest from ‘specialised’ shampoos and conditioning treatments, even my beloved hair oils used sparingly, can cause a build up. Enter then, this gentle,… Continue reading

HD Brows – Best long lasting eye liner I’ve EVER used

Yet another gem from Glossybox and I see it was included in their last box. The HD Brows palette in ‘Foxy‘ is, without doubt, THE best eye liner I’ve ever used. When I… Continue reading

Freeze Frame!

So what do Carla, Meg, Molly, Brooke, Daryl, Kylie, Nicole and Priscilla all have in common? Yep, at one time these women were all considered great beauties, some still are. Oh and the… Continue reading