Over 30 years only to trial Silver Wave microMassage Shape Wear

Silver Wave microMassage Shapewear
Here’s a shout out for a volunteer over 30 to (anonymously) trial Silver Wave Micromassage Shape Wear for a case study to start after Christmas.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone and if I didn’t think I’d melt wearing an extra layer (no matter how light and thin), I’d go for it myself.

Forget lotions, potions, punishing diets and invasive cosmetic procedures. With Silver Wave – Solidea’s clinically proven range of microMassage body shapers – you’ll enjoy all the benefits of figure-flattering shapewear while smoothing away cellulite and skin imperfections.

100% of women found that their cellulite had disappeared after wearing Silver Wave microMassage shapewear for 8 hours a day for 4 weeks!

It’s not ugly support gear either, but lightweight shape wear that flatters while it works to smooth your skin.

What I really love about this is that the company are looking for a real person. There will be before and after photos, but no one will ever know it’s you!

The Silver Wave Micromassage range comes in a variety of lengths and colours – so whether you’re a skinny jeans, sportswear or a floaty dress kind of girl, we have an anti-cellulite solution to match.

Each product has been designed with an active lifestyle in mind, using an oh-so-clever breathable yarn containing naturally antibacterial silver ions.

Silver Wave microMassage Shape Wear

This patented technical fabric literally massages away the appearance of cellulite. Silver Wave microMassage compression undergarments don’t just smooth and define your curves while you’re wearing them – with regular use, they stimulate circulation, minimise water retention and improve the appearance of your bare skin, giving you a beach-beautiful body all year round.


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