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Seven Seas Perfect 7

I think I’m right when I say most of us over 40 will have been long aware of the vitamin and supplement brand Seven Seas, via their best known product cod liver oil. Thanks to my dad (who’s always been a bit of a health nut), growing up, my brother and I used to have to glug down a daily tablespoon of Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil. Although it was quite literally, hard to swallow, my dad insisted it would stop us from ‘catching a cold’ and to be fair, we were rarely sick.

Fortunately, time and technology has moved on and cod liver oil is now available in odourless, easy to swallow, capsules. Although die hards like my mum and dad continue to take it in original liquid form to ward off those colds and help ease aching joints.

We know more now of the benefits of consuming essential omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils. These ‘good’ fats are crucial for the overall well-being of our blood cells as well as brain, joint, skin and heart health. For women in particular, the anti-inflammatory properties found in omega-3 can help balance hormone production and offer relief from menopausal symptoms.

Our bodies are unable to manufacture these polyunsaturated fatty acids and, as is so often the case, if we’re unable to obtain a beneficial amount of them through our diet, then supplements offer an ideal solution.

Seven Seas, with over 70 years of experience in the health industry, have continued to develop their vast range of vitamins and supplements to support family health for every life stage.

The supplement I’ve been asked to trial for three months is specifically formulated for women, a combination of marine oil rich in omega-3 and vitamins, Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman.


Seven Sea nutrition experts have identified 7 key needs for women and developed those into Perfect7 Woman.

  • Perfect7 is a unique blend of marine oils, rich in Omega-3, and key vitamins and minerals.
  • Perfect7 contains marine oils to help maintain normal heart and brain function, and vitamins and minerals to help contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue.
  • One of the external signs of a healthy body is good skin, Perfect7 Woman is designed to provide you with nutrients to help maintain normal skin and nails from the inside.

There are two supplements, a vitamin tablet and a fish oil capsule, packaged in purple and silver blister cards.  Take one of each every day with a cold drink.

There’s also a Perfect 7 supplement for men (which Mark is taking), formulated with Vitamin B12 – to aid metabolism and keep the nervous system healthy. Plus, Vitamin D – needed for the body to take in phosphate to build and repair bones and teeth.

Men and women are not the same – especially when it comes to ageing. This is why Seven Seas has developed two distinct formulations for Perfect7 Woman and Perfect7 Man.

Sevens Sea Perfect 7

There are many conflicting studies about the possible benefits of taking vitamin supplements, with credible arguments for both sides. But the best way to judge if a supplement is making a difference, is to see if there IS a difference after you’ve taken them for a period of time.

  • What’s changed?
  • What is happening now, that didn’t before you started taking them?
  • What can you physically see?

For me, the first sign that ‘something’ is working, is the condition of my nails. This is the one thing I always look for when taking vitamin supplements.

I’ve taken Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman (and only this product), for 4 weeks and my nails are longer, but more importantly, stronger. This is MY sign, my starting point.

I have 8 more weeks to go on this 3 month trial and hopefully, other tangible changes will kick in by then. I will update at the end of January when I reach month two.

Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman 30 caps + 30 tabs (1 month supply) £10.49 Boots
Often included in their 3 for 2 offer, so 3 months supply for £just over £20.00

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