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Hair grows in a three-step cycle: Growth, rest (also known as ‘transition’) and shed. Eyelashes and eyebrows have a shorter growth phase. As we age, everything slows down (pah!) and the growth cycle becomes shorter and shorter. This results in thinner and sparser (oh joy) lashes and eyebrows.

Poor diet, illness, medication, and more commonly now, eyelash extensions that aren’t removed properly (tut tut), can disrupt and delay the growth cycle, leading to weaker looking lashes and brows. It makes sense that if an eyelash is pulled out before its time, you will be left with a gap in your lash line. If the follicle is traumatised, then perhaps the eyelash/eyebrow hair may never grow back.

We are all born with a certain amount of hair follicles and it remains that way – forever! Always be gentle with your lashes, because you won’t be getting any new ones. It is possible though, to ‘wake up’ dormant follicles if you provide optimum growth conditions e.g. the correct nutrition, conditioning serum, massage etc.


RapidLash is an innovative high-performance serum improving the appearance of brittle, short, sparse, thin lashes into healthier, fuller-looking lashes in just weeks.


Start with a clean, dry eye area. Using the applicator brush, apply RapidLash to the base of the upper eyelashes starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, along the base of the lash line.

Use RapidLash once daily in the evening directly before bedtime. Wait until product has fully dried before applying additional cosmetics. For best results, it is recommended to continue use for at least 8 weeks.

The vitamins, amino acids and proteins in RapidLash and RapidBrow strengthen and condition lashes, as lashes are moisturised, they become more supple and less prone to breaking.


You HAVE to be patient with this product, I didn’t start to see results untill about a month and now it’s been about 3 months and I could not be happier with my eyelashes! They’re beautifully long, longer than they have ever been in my entire life!

My lashes have only ever been “average” length at best and since reaching menopause, they’ve been much shorter. Just before Christmas I tried eyelash extensions, which were great for about two weeks, but once removed they left even shorter, stubbier lashes behind! I bought Rapidlash, by the 3rd/4th week, my lashes were back to how they’d been prior to having the lash extensions. However, after 6 weeks they were noticeably longer.

I’ve now been using this for 7 weeks & my lashes are currently longer than they’ve ever been. I cannot believe the difference this has made. Even my bottom lashes are longer, which must be due to transfer of the product, as I have not actually applied anything directly to the lower lash line. The first tube is still going strong, so I can’t complain about the cost. I’ve had no irritation or discolouration of any kind, on either my skin or eyes.

I bought this after having eyelash extensions applied, when they started falling out some my own lashes seemed sparse so I bought this in the hope that it would help them recover. It really does work my eyelashes are back to their full glory and have even had comments as to whether they are fake or real & now I can honestly say they are my own! I think both the length & thickness have improved.


This brow enhancing serum helps transform weak, uneven, sparse brows into healthier looking and more beautiful brows. RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is a clinically proven formula with an exclusive Hexatein™ 2 Complex, a unique blend of fortifying proteins, stimulating peptides and nourishing ingredients. Designed to help condition, restore and repair the appearance of eyebrows in 60 days.


Simply apply RapidBrow® with the easy-to-use mini brush with a few quick strokes twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. For best results, it is recommended to continue to use it for at least eight weeks.


Can’t recommend highly enough. Overplucked eyebrows & spent a fortune/too much time drawing them on. Been using for about a month & a half, still a bit patchy, but my eyebrows are now thick & healthy. No longer need to use pencil. Only downside is they grow back darker. <Downside?

I bought this after reading hundreds of reviews, both good and bad. I really did think I was wasting my money but had to give it a go ‘just in case’ the claims were true. Guess what, they are!! I have eyebrows! One tube has lasted a couple of months and is still going.

I decided to try this product, as the ‘sister’ product for eyelashes really worked for me. Not only have my eyebrows thickened, they have grown back much darker, so I don’t need an eyebrow pencil any more! It took a few weeks to notice a difference – but it’s well worth the wait. Brilliant product – easy and quick to use, and worth the money.

P.S. A tip for Rapidlash – When you think the tube is empty, try removing the white rubber top – it will last you at least another week! I’m guessing this will also be true of the Rapidbrow. <Oooh!

I have been using it on both my eyebrows and eyelashes as let’s not fool ourselves both RapidBrow and RapidLash have the same ingredients. I have noticed difference in length of both upper and lower eyelashes and thickness of eyebrows. I am using it 2-3 times a day (That’s way too much surely?) and will continue until I’ll achieve desired result.

I have just started to trial RapidLash and RapidBrow. The majority of reviewers agree the serum does produce results, but it takes time to synchronise with the natural growth cycle.

My eyebrows aren’t too bad, they’re not exactly Cara Delevingne worthy, but there’s still a natural shape there. The problem is they’re almost invisible, so I’ll be interested to see if some reviewers are right when they claim lashes and brows grow out darker, which I would absolutely love!

I’m looking to RapidLash to kickstart a healthier growth cycle of my very measly eyelashes. I’m also going to try a little experiment afterwards to (hopefully) prolong the results, more on this to come…

RapidLash £31.99 LOOK FANTASTIC <HUGE saving, it’s £41.00 at Boots

RapidBrow £29.60 LOOK FANTASTIC <£37.00 at Boots



  1. June 25, 2014 / 3:58 am

    I am SO excited that you’re doing a review on RapidLash! This is a great in-depth introduction to the product. I had the exact same experience with eyelash extensions… I had them done for about a year every three weeks and when I decided not to anymore I barely had any eyelashes left. I now use Lilash and Librow and have been amazed with the results! If Rapidlash is anything like the products I use, it will take about a month to see some results but really about three months for the amazing long eyelashes. Excited to compare notes and see how it measured up. Rapidlash is much less expensive than Librow so if it works the same I’ll have to convert.

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