ON TRIAL: Face B4 – 2 Step Skincare Regime for Spots & Blemishes


Face B4 is a new 2 step skincare regime to help prevent spots and blemishes. These two products, unscented and suitable for all skin types, are ideal for all ages. For this review though, it will my 14-year-old son who will trialling Face B4’s Anti-bacterial Face Wash and the After-Cleansing Serum.

It’s only the second day, but he has no trouble using the foam. It is light, airy and fragrance free ie not girly. He just has to wet his face, massage the product into his skin for a minute and rinse clean.

The serum is white, but becomes transparent when applied and melts into the skin; it doesn’t leave any stickiness or residue – most important for a teenage boy. At the moment I’m doing this part for him, I can see how he might ‘forget’ this step left to his own devices, hopefully he’ll do this himself when he sees progress. Both these steps are to be performed morning and evening.

Psst! I have taken ‘before’ photographs, Alex may not let me use them on the site, but it does mean I’ll have tangible proof of any improvement!


Step One of the revolutionary new Face B4 skincare regime to help maintain clear skin. A combined cleanser and toner which helps clean pores and reduce excess oil.

Pump the dual nozzles into your palm to create a foam. Apply to wet skin and gently massage with circular movements. Wait for one minute, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam is clinically proven to be the UK’s most effective anti-bacterial facewash. FaceB4’s unique dual-action blending system contains a patented ultra biocidal complex including Salicylic Acid that helps to remove impurities, so spots, blemishes and redness are reduced.

FaceB4’s dermatologically-tested formula is safe and kind to use on all skin types, to help give you the spot-free skin you had B4. THE Unique foam formula helps clean pores and reduce excess oil. Fights the bacteria that causes spots.


Step two A gentle formula serum suitable for all skin types and vitamin enriched to moisturise, soothe and protect skin

After having used FaceB4 Anti-bacterial Face Wash, apply FaceB4 Anti-bacterial Serum to dry skin as follows. Pump a small amount of the serum onto your fingertips. Gently massage over your face, avoiding eyes, with light, upward strokes until the product is fully absorbed. Do not rinse.

  • On-going anti-bacterial protection
  • Helps prevent spots and blemishes
  • Enriched with vitamins A, B, B5 and E to moisturise, soothe and calm skin
  • Gentle formula for all skin types

Anti-bacterial Face Wash £14.99
Anti-bacterial Serum £9.99
Buy both together for £17.49

Boots also carry these products and they’re included in their 3 for 1 offer.

Face B4 Website

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