UPDATED: Boots No 7 Fanomenal Lash Serum

No7 Fanomenal Lash Serum

I‘m a sucker for any product that claims to make my sparse, mean little lashes grow ‘thicker, fuller and longer in 8 weeks’ Well, I’m sold (a fool and her money…).

Seriously, I’ve seen a lot of these miracle eye lash serums but I’ve never felt comfortable splashing the cash on these products as they all seem to be incredibly expensive for what is essentially, a shot in dark.

I’m certainly not saying this about Boots, but you surely know that lots of huge companies pay people to post positive reviews on products to build the hype (they do it because it works!).  That’s why when I’m considering buying a product, I check online reviews from loads of different sources. Beauty bloggers aren’t immune to giving positive feedback in return for freebies, but with time you get a definite feel for the ones who are being genuine.

Close up of brush applicator

The serum is to be applied every night along the upper and lower lash lines (and eyebrows too!) for 8 weeks, thereafter a couple of times a week for maintenance. 

I read that these eyelash serums were discovered by accident when patients being treated for  glaucoma reported back that their eyelashes were growing thick and fast.  Remind me to tell you how the Brazilian Blow Dry was discovered…

I’ve got sensitive eyes so I’m happy to report that this product doesn’t sting or irritate the eyes (well, not mine anyway). I read a ‘not mentioning a product name but it might be this one’ article in YOU magazine, the supplement that comes with the Mail on Sunday newspaper, talking about how certain ‘affordable, over the counter, lash serums‘ can irritate eyes and cause redness and soreness.

Anyway, one  ‘dip’  will suffice for both eyes; as with mascara, (and this could just be me being a bit ‘funny’ with eyes and bacteria) but I wouldn’t pump the wand in and out and get air into it, as I said, just dip the wand in once, it’s plenty.

I see a lot of bloggers are testing this and I’ll be interested to read the results.

I’m on week 3 and I’ll let you know the findings. I actually bought two (Boots ‘buy one get one half price’ deals will always sucker me in) because I thought if it does work then everyone will want  it and they’ll be sold out. I know, I’m a marketing man’s dream customer, tragic, isn’t it?

No7 Fanomenal Lash Serum £22.50


Yes, this product most definitely works nicely.  My eyelashes aren’t exactly Bambi-esque but they are longer,  I know this because of my eyelash curlers Shemura a whooping £20 but worth every penny if you have short eyelashes.  I know the exact length they were and I know how much they’ve grown, and yes they are darker which is a nice bonus for my fair lashes.

The downside is that if you stop using the serum, the growth stops. It figures!



Hmmm, I used the second tube and nothing happened at all. No change whatsover, it’s like a one hit wonder.



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