Omorovicza Discovery Collection: £37.59 for £103.60 worth of products

Omorovicza 4 Piece Discovery Collection

This is a supplement to my Omorovicza 4 Piece Discovery Collection post back in March. Although, I’ve not fully trialled these products as I’ve had a few problems with this set.

For a start, my mum ‘borrowed’ the Rejuvenating Night Cream, loved it and kept it. I did use the Illuminating Moisturiser before foundation every morning – light, non greasy, easily absorbed, almost scentless.

My bottle of The Queen of Hungary Mist (surprisingly, it’s heavily but gorgeously, perfumed), came without a pump. Omorovicza wouldn’t replace the mist on its own and QVC wanted me to send everything back for a full replacement. My mum wouldn’t part with ‘The best night cream I’ve ever used!’ so I accepted a rebate on the postage, had a moan to them about poor customer care and stubbornly lazily, haven’t got around to buying a pump. I am about to review the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm though.

However, the point of this update is to share some figures with you.

I made a calculation based on how much the products sell for at the original price, against the quantities offered in this collection.

  • The Queen of Hungary Mist – 100ml for £46.00 ♥ QVC: 30ml = £13.80
  • Rejuvenating Night Cream – 50ml for £105.00 ♥ QVC: 20ml = £42.00
  • Thermal Cleansing Balm – 50ml for £46.00 ♥ QVC: 15ml = £13.80
  • Illuminating Moisturiser  – 50ml for £85.00 ♥ QVC: 20ml = £34.00

I am aware that sometimes, the products in these ‘special offer‘ promotions vary in formulation from the original (beware ‘Travel Sets’) but I’ve been assured by a long-term Omorovicza devotee that these are of the same quality as the full size products.

In essence, you are getting £103.60 worth of products for £37.59 inc P&P (the QVC price has risen by nearly £2.00 since March *tut tut*).

The BAD news is that there’s a Waitlist – 8 weeks plus last time for me, but ‘officially’ anything up to 90 days, although with a saving of £66.01 I’m not surprised!

Omorovicza 4 Piece Discovery Collection Item #203048

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