Oh Carol, You're 54 & gorgeous, but blonde hair does not suit you!

Carol Voderman

  • Gorgeous skin – CHECK
  • Beautiful bone structure – CHECK
  • Huge, chocolate-brown eyes – CHECK
  • Amazing figure – CHECK
  • Normal sized lips – CHECK
  • Lovely, shiny, age appropriate hair – Erm…NO CHECK

It’s pretty obvious what’s wrong here. I don’t want to turn this into a Carol Voderman bashing post, because I do believe she’s a prime example of just how gorgeous a women over 50 (‘over 50’ – oh the horror!) can be.

Whoever did that to her beautiful hair – although admittedly, it does look like a bad home dye job, needs a swift kick up the arse.

The awful blonde colour is not only deeply unflattering, but it’s one tone throughout – roots show up really fast when hair is all one solid colour, it also makes her face look really harsh.

The bleach has dried out and ruined the condition of her once glossy hair – and our older hair dulls naturally as we age as it is, we don’t need to help it along by sucking out all the moisture.

The length – unless those are particular sorry-looking, raggy extensions, is too long.

But the worst, the very worst thing, is that it makes her look older by draining the colour from her face and I’m pretty sure that’s the last thing Carol was aiming for. I’m not even going to comment about her trying to dress young, because actually, I think she can (mostly) get away with it.

I actually don’t think she’s going to stay with this look for long, she must know by now that it’s not working out.

PS Cut in a fringe!

Carol Vorderman fringe

The good news though, is that it’s fixable and here’s how.  If hair is very dehydrated *Aherm, Carol* then I recommend Joico K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor.

Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for Damaged Hair Use it with this simple home steam treatment to open up hair cuticles.

EASY HOME STEAM TREATMENTAfter rinsing out K-Pak Reconstructor, you must apply an intensive moisturising treatment.

Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm is one of my all time favourite hair conditioners. I normally repeat the steam procedure again with this conditioner, but all the faffing about is truly worth it, because you will see (and feel) instant results – your hair comes back to life!

Also, you only need to repeat the procedure every 4-6 weeks.

Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment BalmIf hair is just parched and needs a good moisture drink, then a hot wet towel and your favourite conditioner left on for a 10-15 minutes will also work miracles.

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