OFFER: NuFACE Trinity & ELE Head Attachment

NUFACE OFFERI’ve spoken about this before and have always maintained the ELE attachment is the best add-on for the NuFACE Trinity.

A question to Woman & Home magazine asked if home facial toning microcurrent gadgets are worth the investment.

The reply was:

The fact is, it IS the same tech used (as in a clinic), but you must use them religiously for 3-6 months to really notice a benefit.

Build it into your skin care regime much like brushing your teeth or watching TV.

This is exactly how I use the NuFACE Trinity with the ELE head. I either use it in the bathroom early morning or late evening. Or, for the longer treatment, set up a mirror and the iPad and watch some nonsense video. Time flies this way and the treatment is over before you know it.

The NuFACE Trinity ELE – Effective Lip and Eye Attachment

The targeted treatment wands deliver gentle micro current stimulation to tone and firm the skin around the eyes and mouth.

Whereas the facial trainer covers a larger surface area, these tiny antenna prongs target more specific areas; around the eyes, the mouth and the lines running from either side of the nose to the mouth, commonly known as marionette lines, the curse of the middle-aged! Filler injected along these lines will instantly melt away the years, but not everyone wants to go down the invasive route.


For best results, continue treatment 5 days a week for 60 days. To maintain results, perform 2-3 days a week.

If you’ve purchased the full-size NuFACE Trinity, then this further investment is a must-have add-on. The improvements aren’t as instant as CACI, but they build over time.

What *I* can see now though, is that my eyebrows have arched slightly, my bottom lip has become a tiny bit fuller, and the lower part of my marionette lines have softened ever so slightly – BUT no one else can. I’m getting a couple of you look well comments, but that’s it, no one has noticed any huge change.

The thing is, I’M the one who knows my face best and scrutinises it the most, so I notice the subtle changes first, I’m waiting patiently for the day when others notice a real difference.

The steps are very easy, though it took me a long time to get to grips with the upper eyelid technique – it’s the one that makes a huge difference in ironing out the crepiness.

Putting on eyeshadow and seeing your eyelid moving along with your makeup brush is a bit disheartening. I still find the prongs slide around a bit on the eye bone, but I am getting better at it. None of this hurts by the way.

I did an ELE treatment in the morning once and the difference was incredible, my eyes were wide open and sort of younger-looking again, although the magic disappeared come late afternoon. This device does work, perseverance is needed though to prolong these fabulous results. If you’re not prepared to set aside some ‘me time’ then it’ll just be another expensive gadget taking up space.

One major advantage of the ELE attachment is that you can use your own serum as long as it’s oil-free. I’m using Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, but I’m toying with the idea of using the eye serum.

So far, I’m keeping crows’ feet at bay, and only have a faint sprinkling of fine lines, I want to keep it that way.


The attachments only work with the NuFace Trinity, NOT the Mini. The mini has the same power and globe sizes as the Trinity but you cannot add the ELE or LED attachments to it.


NuFace Trinity £250.00 CurrentBody *

Price exclusive to CurrentBody, still £328.00 at Look Fantastic and elsewhere. NuFace Trinity


The ELE Head attachment is down to £113.00 From £152.00 (Look Fantastic’s price) CurrentBody *



This is a good one though I’m not sure how long it will last but it is correct as of today 8/10/22. I’ll change this when the offer expires.

NuFACE Trinity & ELE Head Attachment £215.00 CurrentBody *

Free P&P and Two Year Warranty on all products.

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