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Liz Earle

I feel like a bit of an enabler here, but if you regularly use Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser, Boots have it on offer with a 20% discount.

That’s a good saving because a 200ml tube with 2 muslin cloths was £28.50 and is now £ 22.80, a saving of £5.70.

I always feel the tubes are better value because you can cut them down and scoop up every last bit of product.

The formula did change and I wrote about that here, but gradually, I got used to the new formulation and in my opinion, it’s still the best cleanser.  I stretch mine out (see how here) and use it solely as eye make up remover. You can work it right into eyelashes and it will never sting.

I only bought the cleanser, and you are limited to three tubes of Cleanse & Polish. I’ve not found out it on sale cheaper anywhere else on the net.

Obviously, there are other brands on offer with the 20% discount, but I restrained myself and only bought what I’d run out of.


I could be completely wrong, but on the official Liz Earle website, all 3 shades of the much hated ‘new formula’ Sheer Skin Tint is out of stock.

Is it too much to hope for that they’re bringing back the old’ Skin Tint? ‘

20% off selected brands Boots *

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