NuFACE Fix Line Smoothing Device & Limited Offer

NuFACE Fix Line Smoothing Device
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I have a lot of anti-ageing at-home devices, but I haven’t used them for a while, a good 8-10 weeks in fact, Christmas and life got in the way.

I keep harping on about using these devices regularly to maintain results and then don’t do it. However, I’m seeing a difference now I haven’t used them in so long – and I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

The NuFACE Fix is not a new product, but I’ve read reviews from all over the net and I’m intrigued.


The NuFACE FIX™ Device uses microcurrents or tiny electrical impulses to expand and contract your facial muscles. This gives you an instant face workout.

92% saw an instantly firmer treatment area, 95% saw less puffy eyes and 97% said their eye skin felt instantly tighter; so you know it works.

The electrical energy encourages your body to make collagen and elastin for longer-term plumping and wrinkle reduction.


  • Clean and dry skin. Apply a thin layer of the serum.
  • Feather the device over your treatment area.
  • Use on eye area, lip, forehead and chin in a feathering motion.
  • Use for 3 minutes on each area, 1-2 times a day, up to 5 days a week.
  • Smooth any leftover serum into your face.
  • Clean and store the NuFACE FIX device.
  • Finish your skincare routine as normal.

Create your own custom treatment by using Glide mode to sweep over fine lines, Hold mode for deeper wrinkles and Feather for quick bursts of microcurrent (electrical) energy all over the face.

Just use light to medium pressure to penetrate the skin’s layers for deep collagen production. Move the device up and down then left to right for even coverage or swirl in a circular motion.

You only need 3 minutes a day and the NuFACE FIX Serum for instant firming results and long-lasting skin plumping. Use 5 days a week.


This is a light, travel friendly, pen-sized microcurrent device for targeting fine lines and wrinkles which can be used on eyes, fine vertical lip lines (oh yeah), and the forehead.

The micro-current isn’t as strong as the other NuFace devices, it focuses on the skin surface as opposed to the muscle, hence the name FIX, ie a temporary fix.

For comparison, the ELE (Effective Lip & Eye) attachment for the NuFace Trinity operates at 208 mpa whereas the Fix runs at 200 mpa.

A quick note about ELE. Of all the gadgets I’ve used, it’s this add-on that has produced lasting results in lifting the upper eye area (especially the eyebrows) and combating the dreaded upper eyelid crepiness.

The ELE has dropped to £100.00 (from £142.00) at CurrentBody* It’s the only reason you should choose NuFace Trinity instead of the mini version. You can’t use attachments with the Mini although the globes are the same size as the Trinity.

Click on the image below for my full review.

So, is £105.00 too much to pay for looking ‘refreshed’ when going out? You’d think the obvious answer would be no, but I was applying eyeshadow yesterday and the skin on my upper eyelid kept moving back and forth as I was blending. I mean, it was really wrinkling up. I could’ve done with some eyelid smoothing then however temporary. I know the skin here tightens when I use the ELE attachment regularly, it was just horrible to see how loose it was!

Also, I have a stubborn upper lip vertical crease that takes some disguising before applying lipstick, I wouldn’t mind that flattened out.

Because user time is so brief this would be something to use every day before skincare and makeup. I wish someone would say how long the effects last though.

NuFace FIX


There’s a serum for the Fix which is £35.00 for 15ml. I have always used an Aloe Vera gel with my microcurrent devices – and an ultrasound gel – Anagel bought on Amazon, for radiofrequency devices.

Obviously, the ‘official’ gel is recommended. I’ve always been reluctant to splash out on this when I’ve been happy (and get results) with plain old aloe vera, but I did buy a huge bottle of NuFace Primer when it was on offer and admittedly it is more user friendly ie the device slides across the skin and it can remain on skin afterwards leaving it feeling soft.

I buy Holland & Barrett’s Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel 200ml £6.49 and also various ones from Boots for a similar price. I find I have to wash the gel off completely after my treatment as it tends to make my face a little red and sore if I let it dry on the skin.

The only one I wouldn’t recommend and I bought mine from a French Pharmacy, is the gel in a bottle shaped like an aloe vera leaf. It looks really cute, but it was a real pain to get it out of the bottle and it was scented, one to avoid.


It doesn’t look as if you can use this device if you’ve had Botox and there is a bunch of other health advice to be aware of before purchase, you should always read the small print anyway when buying a gadget.

There’s a reassuring 90-day money-back guarantee, so you should know how effective it is after three months’ constant use.

SHOPPING INFO & LIMITED TIME OFFER CODE (still going strong at 3rd February 2022!)

The Fix on its own is down from £150.00 to £120.00 but…

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