REVIEW: Nu Colour® Makeup by Nu Skin®

Nu Colour® Makeup by Nu Skin®

Nu Skin are best known for their anti-ageing products – including the famous Galvanic Spa, but they also have a cosmetics line.

I was lucky enough to attend a gorgeous event at the Bulgari Hotel a couple of weeks ago when Nu Skin invited me to one of their Beauty Blogger Events to showcase Nu Colour, their new makeup range, including the brand new launch of their lip plumping balm.

Everyone was given the opportunity to play with the cosmetics, and take home a bag full of the best products.


This professional set contains a powder brush, foundation brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush and eyebrow brush.

Suitable for powders and liquids, the soft duo fibre synthetic bristles deliver just the right amount of product for a smooth blending and seamless natural finish.

Not your usual run of the mill, make up brushes, these beautifully soft brushes were designed in collaboration with Raphaël, makers of fine art brushes.

I confess, I’m a bad blogger – I’m saving them because I think they’re too nice to use – why do we do that? I will get over it though and break them out over Christmas.


This powerful conditioning gel, featuring the unique key ingredient Tricalgoxyl, strengthens your eyelashes and maximises its volume and thickness.

I’ve used Nutriol on my hair, so I know it works. I’m looking forward to seeing tangible results in the weeks to come.


This unique formula helps to absorb excess oils and reduces shine on your face, ensuring a soft flawless finish without adding color. This ultra sheer powder is suitable for all skin types and tones and is available in one color – Invisibly Matte.

Talc and fragrance free. It looks awfully dark in the pot, but actually when on, it’s as light as air, so there’s no colour to it. Also, there’s a very generous 30g of powder, use sparingly, apply with a brush, a puff picks up too much and this will last forever!


I really liked all the above, but these are my standout products:



Colour, shape and fill in your eyebrows . Ideal to easily blend the shades and build up the intensity to get the best styled arches. Perfect for creating both a natural look as well as that intense defining look.

It took me a while to figure it out, but blondes really need to use ash tones on their eyebrows. The grey and brown (plus bone), shades are well pigmented. Stick to grey for a natural look and build up with the brown for a more polished appearance.

Now, this is my personal theory, which I have mentioned here before; because eyebrow powders are formulated to ‘adhere’ to hair, they are perfect to apply as eyeliner. You’re able to work the colour right into the lashes, knowing that it’ll stay put all day. It’s a really pretty, flattering, warm brown eyeliner.

The brushes and mini tweezers in the palette are designed to be used on the go/when travelling, so I apply with either a full length slanted brush or a flat top brush. I rarely use mascara on my lower lashes, because it ALWAYS smudges, here though, I can use the little brush in the set and colour them in knowing there won’t be any smudging.


Formulated to separate lashes and give them that long-lasting curling power without clumping.

It’s funny how a product can change your mind – that, or I’m just too set in my ways. I have always steered clear of black mascara and black eyeliner, for fear of looking harsh as my natural colouring is very fair.

I tried this mascara purely on the basis of the bendy brush shape. Because it’s a ‘curling’ mascara (as opposed to a volumiser), I knew it wouldn’t overload my lashes with product and of course it doesn’t, because it’s not a thick formula, hence no clumping.

Instead, it gently coats the lashes and yes, actually curls them. As someone who’s never worn black mascara, I’m still getting used to it because it feels quite glamorous, especially during daytime. But, I have to admit, black really does open up the eyes and make them look brighter.


Get plumped looking lips with this lightweight, moisturising balm. It glides on smoothly with a refreshing sensation. Your lips will instantly come alive with more softness and a hint of colour.

Looks are deceiving, this plumping balm looks so sweet with its delicate rose shade and slick metal casing, but it doesn’t half pack a punch!

Applied under lipstick, you can instantly feel the menthol kicking in. I apply all over my lips, with special attention to the edges of my lips (aka the vermillion border), this helps plump out those awful upper lip vertical lines, and makes lining them a lot easier. I also apply it over lipstick during the day. The glossy tint looks very pale, but there is colour, so it lifts and brightens lipstick.


Nu Colour Replenishing Lipstick enhances the appearance of your lips by providing rich, nonfeathering colour and the added protection of hydroxytyrosol—the key ingredient in Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid.

When I walked in, I was greeted by one of the Nu Skin team who has my exact colouring and was wearing the most gorgeous, rich pink lipstick. It lit up her face and I didn’t hesitate to ask what she was wearing, (I just assumed it was from the Nu Colour line). It was of course one of their Replenishing lipsticks in the shade, Flushed.

I’ve colour adjusted the swatch slightly to match the true colour of the lipstick. Yes, I know everyone likes to see swatches on a bright white background, but I’d rather have an accurate representation of the shade and this is it.

Told you it was gorgeous though, didn’t I?


I shy away from anything too pink as you know, but this really is the most perfect shade. It wasn’t in the ‘goody’ bag, but she kindly grabbed one for me and popped it into my bag.

These particular lipsticks haven’t been repackaged or reformulated, NuSkin obviously felt no need to change a thing about them, and quite rightly so.

Flushed, which is slightly glossy, applies smoothly, is strongly pigmented, non straying and wears evenly. I’ve had enough of pigmented lipsticks, especially in the pink family, that leave a ‘tide mark’ of colour around your lips.  There’s a diverse choice of shades to suit all skin tones.

The Nu Colour cosmetics range also includes foundation, concealer, blusher and eyeshadow. PS The Bronzing Pearls are the most pigmented ones on the planet!


Nu Skin

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