Not Another Alpha H Liquid Gold Review!

Alpha H Liquid Gold

You’ve heard the hype about Alpha H’s Liquid Gold and no doubt you’ve pored over the many reviews on the net – now read one more.

CLAIMS Alpha-H pioneered the use of fruit acids in skin care nearly 20 years ago. Liquid Gold jumps start the skin’s metabolism, tightening enlarged pores and giving a brighter, clearer complexion.

WHY? It has 5% of cosmetic grade Glycolic Acid – A chemical exfoliant that sloughs off dead skin.

HOW? It’s a clear liquid which you apply to cotton wool and sweep over cleansed skin every other night – For me, it’s twice a week, every other week.

SKIN TYPES? Normal, oily, dry, mature and combination skin, but not recommended for delicate or sensitive skin.

DO Use at night – I always try new products I’m not sure of on a Sunday night in case of any adverse reactions, because everyone looks horrendous on a Monday morning.

Do not forget your sunscreen the next day – This is important, as, with any exfoliating product, your skin is more susceptible to sun damage.

Do expect to feel a slight ‘tingle’ but, if any product tingles for more than 20 seconds then wash it off immediately with lots of cold water. This is your skin, you’ve seen photos of people who have had adverse reactions to hair dyes and creams etc, don’t risk it.

DON’T Don’t use an exfoliating product the same week as you use Liquid Gold, it’ll be too much for your skin, plus you run the risk of possibly thinning your skin and then you really are stuffed. Don’t fret about not using a moisturiser, Liquid Gold works overnight. You absolutely will not wake up with dry, flaky skin.

You can definitely smell the liquorice extract and the alcohol – Pernod anyone?

Obviously don’t use it if you’ve got spots or broken skin, that’s just common sense.

RESULTS I believe it does reduce redness and leaves skin looking smoother. It also does slightly, lighten scarring from old blemishes.

I’d probably see more dramatic results if I used it more often but I don’t want to overwhelm my skin. I’m always aware that my hormones are about to riot with the oncoming menopause and I don’t want them to freak out completely.

Not convinced so much on the ‘firming’ front but yes this is an effective ‘resurfacing’ lotion for the skin, which makes it invaluable for mature skin.


Alpha-H Liquid Gold Exfoliating Treatment with Glycolic Acid 100ml £30.25 Look Fantastic

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