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Help with tong burnsI burned myself using my GHD straighteners last week. It was particularly annoying because I had weaned myself off them for the best part of 6 months.

There was a kink after I blow dried my hair that just wouldn’t lie flat, so I thought I’d whip out the GHDs and straighten it out. Somehow though, I managed to fully clamp the tongs over the first two fingers on my left hand (I’m left handed), and as my fingers turned red, the air turned blue. As you all know, the stinging pain of a burn is excruciating.

I knew enough to put my hand under cold running water, but I know now that I could’ve done a little bit more to help speed up the healing process.

I should’ve kept my hand under the tap (or submerged in cold water), for a good 20 minutes, but my fingers became numb after 10 minutes and like a wuss, I stopped doing it.

Huge mistake! Cooling the burn immediately and thoroughly is extremely important, not only can it help alleviate the pain, (OMG! The pain!) but it can prevent further tissue damage and promote faster healing.

I didn’t cover the burn. I’d heard that cling film (applied in layers, not wrapped around fingers in case they swell up), is recommended, but I keep thinking it would stick to the burn and peel away even more skin. Apparently it doesn’t, and it not only helps to protect the burn, but it also keeps it sterile.


I think we all know this one – Don’t use butter on a burn. This was done in the ‘old’ days because butter came straight from the fridge and was cold. The fact is that anything greasy will slow down the cooling process and hold heat in.

Don’t use ice, it can further damage the skin.

Do use 100% aloe vera gel. (I had 3 tubes of this as well).

Do use an antibacterial cream and cover with loose sterile gauze. (I also had this in the First Aid box, but I was wary of using a cream on my burns).

Protect blisters ie with cling film, and never pop them because of the risk of bacterial infection and further scarring.

Once the scab has fallen off, you can use vitamin e oil and scar reducing creams.

When burns are healing they hurt like crazy because the skin tightens and they often bleed before scabs form. I’m at that stage – I started this post on Monday!

Hopefully it won’t happen again because it’s been a real nuisance. Please take extra care when using tongs.

Fingers permitting, new posts next week.

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