NO QUIBBLE QUILTS – Customised Sleep Solution

No Quibble Quilts

I’m always either too hot or too cold. I appreciate I’m a nightmare in the car, because I keep fiddling with the air con. As the menopause kicks in, though, I’m much more likely to be too hot, especially at night.

I absolutely can’t bear sweltering under a heavy duvet. I usually have a tower fan blowing at night on my side of the bed and the windows open on Mark’s side. He wants to wrap himself up in the duvet because, well, 1. He’s freezing (OK – fair point) and 2. He thinks he’s going to catch a cold from the draught WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN MEDICALLY PROVEN (at least I don’t think it has).

The No Quibble Quilt is a duvet cover insert with two giant ‘pockets’ for two single duvets. The idea is that the partner who wants to stay warm has a high tog duvet on their side and the partner who wants to keep cool, has a lower tog – a customised sleep solution!

Sure, we nearly came to blows fitting the single duvets into the pockets, mainly because Mark didn’t fit his duvet right into the corners – men, bless! One corner folded over and he had to start all over again.

He also managed the put the insert the wrong way round inside the duvet which meant that I had the high tog side. I didn’t realise this until the middle of the night when I was dying with the heat. We could’ve turned it over, but that would’ve meant I was sleeping directly under the raised pattern of the duvet. In the end we rotated it, which was fine, although I did have to sleep with the button closures at the top.

No Quibble Quilts

I was thinking that there would be an obvious ‘line’ or bump, where the two duvets meet in the middle, surely one side would be higher than the other? But no, it still looks like one duvet. It’s a good quality product, the material’s not thin and the stitching is secure and straight.

Another funny thing, lay two single duvets side by side and they overhang the bed – even a kingsize one – by a long way. Here though, they somehow ‘adjust’ and still fit into the duvet cover. What’s lovely though, it that is that the duvet itself is now plumped up and looks rather luxurious.

Marks’s chosen duvet was 13 tog and mine was 7.5. I’m really happy to report that in practise, the No Quibble Quilt really does work for each party and both of us sleep comfortably in our preferred temperatures. So much so in fact, that I’ve even turned the fan off a couple of time, although the windows stay resolutely open, small steps, small steps…

White Polycotton (50/50)
230 Thread Count
230 x 200 cms
One Size fits Double and Kingsize Duvet Covers
Duvet Insert £24.99 No Quibble Quilts
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