NET-A-PORTER Party Prep Beauty Kit NOW £56.00

NET-A-PORTER Party Prep Beauty Kit

Once again, Net-A-Porter has collated a collection of hair, makeup and skincare products on offer for an incredible price.

The site says the stock is coming soon so I’m assuming it hasn’t sold out. Although it also says Sorry, this item isn’t available for purchase – Do they mean not available just yet, I wonder? Confusing.

I went online to ask and was told by the ‘agent’ that she didn’t know if it was on sale or not and that I should subscribe to the newsletter for more information – not overly helpful.

Earlier this year, I bought two Doctors’ Kits for an insane saving, and I love the products, especially Dr Barbara Sturm Calming Serum and the Royal Fern Anti-Oxidative Ampoules.

There are a lot of these boxes on offer, the various Caroline Hirons ones come to mind. I believe there are going to be discounted boxes on offer from 26th November, aka Black Friday. I’ve got my eye on the Menopause box, though they tend to sell out in nanoseconds.

Going off-piste for a second. I listened to Caroline’s best-selling Skincare book (now updated). I say listened because it was in the form of an audiobook (free, from a library app) narrated by Caroline herself.

I’m almost a bit nervous saying this because she has some ferocious followers (it pains me when women attack women), but although Caroline is a natural when it comes to unscripted videos, she comes across as a bit schoolmarm stern reading from her own book. I had to give up after a few chapters as I felt she was personally telling me off for not looking after my skin properly. It’s a book that needs to be read, rather than listened to.

Anyway, for me to buy a beauty box I have to love (or at least want to try) 90% of the products on offer and the Net-A-Porter boxes have always been spot on. They only offer one or two a year and they don’t actively promote them so I always keep an eye out.


A quick add up of the items in the kit comes to £327.50.

  • FULL-SIZE Senteurs d’Orient Hammam Soap ‘Jasmine of Arabia’: 205g £28.00

It’s a bar of soap on a rope, but an expensive one! I love the smell of jasmine though.

  • FULL-SIZE Lixirskin Electrogel Cleanser: 100ml £25.00

Formulated with a slight negative charge to pick up unwanted toxins like a magnet and also doubles as a face mask. I have a lot of cleansers, but the negative charge aspect is interesting.

  • FULL-SIZE Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick ‘Lit’: 5g £44.00 (insane)

‘Lit’ imparts the same translucent, iridescent finish that you get after a facial. The one illustrated looks like a blusher though – I wish it was. The only product I’m not crazy about.

  • FULL-SIZE Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist: 100ml £55.00

This is one of the label’s best-selling products. Too fragranced for me, but makes a wonderful present, who wouldn’t want this?

  • FULL-SIZE Sarah Chapman Overnight Lip Concentrate: 6.3ml £34.00

This treatment contains a retinol-like Vitamin A alternative, Maxilip and Hilurlip that plump the lips, and Inca Inchi oil to lock in moisture. So little product for so much money, but I’d love to try it.

  • FULL-SIZE Bleu R+Co Super Style Crème: 148ml £66.00

A hair styling product that costs £66.00? Bring it on, I want it.

  • FULL-SIZE 6 x Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks £24.00

Packed with Jojoba Seed and Lavender Oils, they soothe your delicate eye area and visibly reduce redness. I love all eye masks.

  • FULL-SIZE Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Colour-Coded Eye Shadows ‘Walk Of No Shame’ £40.00

The glistening red, crimson and rose-gold hues in the ‘Walk Of No Shame’ set complement brown eyes and intensify blue ones. Very much glam, party colours, but I know I can wear three of shades for sure.

  • 1 x BIOEFFECT Imprinting Hydrogel Mask: 25g £11.50

I love this brand. I trialled the ampoules a while ago, they’re fab, but it’s a shockingly expensive line.

I will keep checking the site!

NET-A-PORTER Party Prep Beauty Kit

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