NeoStrata Skin Active Antioxidant Defense Serum

NeoStrata Skin Active Antioxidant Defense Serum

Environmental factors play a major role in pre-mature ageing; over exposure to the sun, smoking and pollution can accelerate the ageing process.

Antioxidants, especially those found in red fruits (berries, cherries etc) and green vegetables (the leafier, the better), work from the inside out to help protect the body from free-radical damage caused by the environment.

NeoStrata Antioxidant Defense Serum, from their award-winning Skin Active range, is an antioxidant that works from the outside in, to protect skin from ageing. It is designed to combat oxidative damage and protect skin from premature ageing, while helping to prevent sun-induced cellular damage.

Powerful antioxidants, Maltobionic acid, NeoGlucosamine™ and Swiss apple stem cell extract work together to stimulate cell renewal, even pigmentation, boost collagen and protect against damage caused by over exposure to sun, tobacco smoke, pollution and alcohol.


  • 8 powerful multi-action antioxidants designed to combat oxidative damage and protect the skin from premature ageing
  • Bionic and Polyhydroxy Acids trap oxidation promoting metals like iron and help prevent sun-induced cellular damage
  • Citric Acid and Lilac, Green Tea and Chardonnay Grape Seed Extracts works together to neutralise five different types of free radicals and helps preserve healthy DNA, lipids and cellular membranes
  • EGCG Green Tea Extract protects against inflammatory mediators in the skin.


I can really see a difference in colour tone as well as skin tone – and a little seems to go a very long way, not just with this but with all of the products. I really, really like this range – it feels fantastic to use as well as on the skin.

The serum is easily absorbed, but allow a few minutes before applying any moisturiser or make up on top – I usually apply the serum all over my face and neck and then grab a quick something to eat for breakfast – and finish off applying my make up afterwards.


Using fingertips, gently apply serum to cleansed face. Can be smoothed all over the face and neck or applied to specific areas. Gently massage any remaining excess into the skin. Can be used alone or under moisturiser and sunscreen.

The serum is designed for day time use as it contains key ingredients to protect the skin against environment aggressors such as pollution, sun, wind etc. So it should be applied in the morning to afford maximum protection.

There is a corresponding serum for use at night, NeoStrata Skin Active Firming Collagen Booster, with a unique action to synergistically target new and existing collagen. This is most effective at night to firm and plump the skin.


Apply sparingly, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about NeoStrata products, it’s that they are very potent. This 30ml bottle of serum will last 3 months.

NeoStrata Skin Active Antioxidant Defense Serum RRP £72.00


DermaCareDirect £62.00 (Free P&P) Used them before, very reliable.
FacetheFuture £56.99 (Free P&P)

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