REVIEW: Miss Sporty ‘Just Clear’ Mascara

Miss Sporty 'Just Clear' Mascara

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara is a clear, light-weight conditioning gel which gives the result of more natural looking lashes that are supple, defined and well shaped.

Guaranteed perfect separation, no clumping, and no clogging. You can also use this mascara to tame and strengthen the eye brows for a defined look.

This clear mascara is a great little budget buy for:

  • Creating ‘natural look’ eyelashes
  • Separating eyelashes before mascara
  • Keeping eyebrows in place
  • Teenagers who want their eyelashes defined, but can’t be seen to be wearing make up at school
  • People with with dark eyelashes who feel black mascara is too heavy for them
  • Men – Mascara on men is always horrible and obvious, so a clear mascara is perfect
  • Taming flyaway hairs

Miss Sporty Clear Mascara
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This is great great GREAT for brows, and even for your hair when you do something intricate and want to make sure all the little flyaways get held down. Personally, I use this at my temples, and just above my ears, to keep my hair from being crazy, as it tends to be.

This works wonders on my brows! They stay in place all day and this is the best product I have found so far for my brows! I love using this as a brow set, it works great, inexpensive, and effortless.

The only problem with it is the brush takes on too much product when I pull out the wand so I end up having to scrape the excess product on the tube. other than that this is a great product I like this clear mascara mostly for its multi uses I like that it’s an eyebrow gel, and a clear base mascara.

I have used it in the past for a base coat for my mascara, it separates my lashes and makes it easier to take my actual mascara off!!

This mascara is really good for people with naturally black lashes. It does not come out blotchy and makes you eyelashes look so much longer!
I really like this. I’m not really into wearing black mascara all the time and wanted a soft and more gentle way of having separated lashes. And this thing is great. It’s really light and stays for ages.
I find that my lashes are really dark and long and black mascara makes them look and feel to heavy (and long). So this clear mascara is perfect for me. And it does appear to lengthen my lashes.

I have naturally long, dark eyelashes so I bought this to give some definition to them without the drama or clumps of a black mascara. It is perfect for school as it makes my eyes look bright (it holds a curl well too) without it being too obvious.

It also works wonders on my eyebrows which are naturally a bit wild. A thin coat keeps them in place all day without them looking wet or clumpy. I also use it to separate my lashes out when I use a conventional coloured mascara and it gets rid of the clumps really well and seems to hold the colour in place too!. It’s an all round great product and I think every girl should own one!


I use this clear mascara to brush and set my eyebrows into shape. Because it is such a cheap product, the gel is fairly thin and wet, but in this case, it’s a benefit.  The gel isn’t sticky or clumpy and it doesn’t dry ‘crispy’ the way some heavier formulations are liable to do, yet it keep eyebrows in place all day.

For hygiene reasons I wouldn’t recommend using one wand for both eyelashes AND eyebrows. I’ve still got some disposable mascara wands which were given to me by a friendly sales assistant at a beauty counter – no harm in asking for them! If you do a search on eBay you will be able to find ’10 x Disposable Mascara Wands’ for £1.72 (Free P & P).

The downside with a clear product is that eventually the gel will discolour. Mine hasn’t yet because I wipe the brush as clean as I can with the stick part of a cotton wool bud.

My bottom eyelashes are so fair and sparse that mascara ALWAYS smudges, so I’m using this instead in the hopesthat it just might help them grow. I can’t comment on any strengthening properties just yet but I will keep you updated.

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara £2.99 BOOTS and SUPERDRUG

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