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One of the more positive aspects of the internet is its ability to bring like-minded people together. The menopause can be bewildering, it’s a step into the unknown for many of us at what is already an emotionally wrought time. It’s easy to think that your symptoms and fears are unique, but I guarantee that someone, somewhere, has gone through exactly what you’re experiencing and not only have they lived to tell the tale, they’ve shared it on the internet!

Jane Atherton, is a qualified skin therapist and clinical nutritionist and a member of the British Menopause Society.  Jane is also author of two books on Menopause and the founder of Phytomones Ltd, a premium skincare collection for hormonally changing skin during menopause.

Phytomone run a Facebook page and a blog specifically for menopausal women called Menopause Remedies. It’s a place to vent, laugh, cry and swap ideas and information. An opportunity for menopausal women to interact with one another and know that they are not alone.


I have had a bad day today. Woke up in a bad mood after a crappy night’s sleep, and the mood stuck all day at work. Sometimes I feel so alone with this bloody menopause. Thank goodness for this site.

I was the same and struggling to get to work so I called into Holland and Barrett described my lack of sleep, they recommended Bach Rescue Night Liquid, just 4 drops on the tongue as you get into bed. It’s fab, no tossing and turning or sweating just a perfect nights sleep. It’s £7.50 so not expensive, give it a try.

3:30 seems to be the time I wake up most nights, sometimes I’m lucky and may get back to sleep, but mostly not! I get frustrated lying there just waiting, so I get up and literally start my day, make some tea, check e-mails, sometimes clean or even cook before I start work – absolute craziness I know, hope it ends soon.

I went through so much worry and anxiety because I didn’t know what was happening to me. Some days I convinced myself there was something seriously wrong, physically and mentally.

We shouldn’t have to go through this so unprepared. At least we had classes and information about what to expect before our periods started. With menopause we are very much on our own as to any professional medical information about the possible symptoms and effects.

I wish I had more knowledge about menopause before it hit me…Every post on this page seems to relate to me. Have only just joined this site, and to be honest I was about to give up on life. Then I read a comment on here that someone had posted which I could totally relate to and it gave me the confidence to turn my world around. Someone I don’t even know and is totally unaware of what she has done, has saved me, the power of everyone’s voice on this site is invaluable…thank you.


I am truly amazed at how this page has grown. It was while developing the Phytomone skin care collection that I started this page. I wanted to offer women a whole menopause lifestyle experience to compliment our niche products, which have been designed specifically for hormonally changing skin – and as a menopausal woman myself I know only too well the highs and lows of this stage of life, so I started putting up one or two personal posts about how I was feeling and the effect menopause was having on me. People responded and shared their experiences, I replied offering sympathy, understanding and advice and from there it grew into what it is today.

I am so pleased that the ladies on the page have made it their own. – I will put posts up which I feel are of most interest, whether it’s something funny, inspirational, informative, or a question from one of our members, then the interaction begins. It can be quite addictive reading everyone’s comments – and some can be very amusing, but most of all, all of the ladies are incredibly supportive of each other, you can almost feel the warmth coming through the screen! (Even when we are being a moody bunch!).

The thing with menopause is, it’s a very individual journey, what can be devastating for one woman, may be barely noticeable by another and a remedy that works for one, may have no impact on someone else. It’s trial and error until you find something that suits you. Even with HRT, it’s unusual to get the dose right the first time. You may have to make several trips to your doctor to get it fine tuned – not every woman knows this and probably wont think to go back, she will just assume it isn’t working for her, which can leave her feeling very disappointed and frustrated.

It is so interesting reading everyone’s experiences and we do get some great tips – like the one about taking a hot water bottle to bed with you filled with ice and cold water to help with the night sweats! But most of all, this page offers support and it really does make you realise you are not in this alone. I am so grateful to everyone that makes this page what it is – you never know how much one simple comment could change someone’s life.

MENOPAUSE – Don’t sweat it.

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Menopause Remedies on Facebook


    • June 21, 2014 / 11:41 am

      You’re so welcome.

      I read some of the experiences on there and think I’ve either ‘got off lightly’ or the worst is yet to come!

  1. June 25, 2014 / 6:13 pm

    Ironic that I came upon this post as I just wrote about my own menopause issues yesterday. Love the image, it seems to capture how I feel when having a hot flash.

    • June 26, 2014 / 1:52 pm

      This is how you described the dreaded flashes on your blog: and you’re spot on.

      “Hot flashes are a wretched malady and unless you’ve experienced them it’s kind of difficult to articulate the misery they evoke. It’s almost as if the heat is rising up internally and nothing combats the thermal nuclear-like updraft.”

      Exactly my feelings, it’s as if you’re melting from the inside out. I find it worse (& I get hotter!) if anyone catches my eye, because you cannot halt the process.

      So now I take my phone out and do a bit of ‘fake phone admin’ (copyright Miranda – a Brit comedian) until it passes, and in my case, it does pass quickly.

      • June 26, 2014 / 5:44 pm

        Yeah, it’s really awful. I remember when I was younger some of my older femaile relatives going through “the change” bu couldn’t fully appreciate it until I went through it myself. I have to admit though that it can produce some funny stories 🙂

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